Flip This House - Season 2

Sunday 6:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 24, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Movie Star House
    Armando and David buy a former movie star's house thinking that the 60's decor will be an easy update. They run into numerous problems with the foundation and bees.
  • Baby Budgets, Baby Work
    The team purchases a house that was once littered with dog fecies and now has a horrible smell. Sam can see major profits on this house, but he's not willing to spend a lot to fix it up. Lamont is told to cut the pay of the workers, but can't see the project getting completed without their help.moreless
  • All's Fair in Love and War
    Melina and Veronica bet their husbands $10,000 that they can make more of a profit on the house flip, than David and Armando can. Problems arise and things get dirty.
  • History Lesson
    History Lesson
    Episode 4
    The Altanta team buys a pink house, which Angie persuasion, in Atlanta's historic West End. The crew tries to restore the house to the way it was when it was built, but they run into problems with the foundation. They must become creative to flip this house.
  • Rancho Montelongo
    Episode 5
    The team buys a rustic ranch in Texas, but soon realise that there is a snake problem and contruction glitches.
  • Intern Affairs
    Intern Affairs
    Episode 6
    David buys a house that he thinks will be a quick flip. But things don't go as planned and he needs to hire an intern to help him out.
  • Trouble Down Below
    Trouble Down Below
    Episode 7
    The Leccimas find a house that they think has huge potential. It has a sauna in the basement and Lamont gets the idea to turn it into a recording studio. First he has to convinced the other that it is a good idea, then he had to convince his manager to buy it.moreless
  • Building Blocks
    Building Blocks
    Episode 8
    The Montelongos buy five houses in hopes of eventually turning the long time renters of the houses into owners. They have to finish all five houses on one block in four weeks.
  • All In the Family
    All In the Family
    Episode 9
    Angie tries to help a woman who inherited a run down house in the Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood. Angie helps them fix the house up in hopes of selling it and making a big profit.
  • Roach House
    Episode 10
    Armando finds a house he thinks will be a great deal, but gets burned when he sees it in the daylight after his midnight trip to see it. The house is infested with huge cockroaches. Then a water main break in the front of the house deters potential buyers of the house.moreless
  • Alder Lane
    Alder Lane
    Episode 11
    With their third baby on the way, Shani and Sam need help overseeing the renovation of their next project--an ugly brick house in a nice middle class neighborhood. Sam recruits Terrence, the Leccima's Client Services Manager, who usually spends his days working behind a desk, to project manage the job site at Alder Lane.moreless
  • Movie Star House
    Episode 14
    Armando Montelongo shows us how to negotiate the best deal for the house of a deceased movie star. Then, along with his brother, wife and sister-in-law, he show's why "the Montelongos mean business."