Flip This House - Season 3

Sunday 6:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 24, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 10/6/07
    The crew at CT Homes decides it's time to flip two multi-family Victorians on Elm Street which they own as rental units. The beautiful homes situated in one of New Haven's historical landmark neighborhoods near Yale should turn a hefty profit, but they need to be improved before they can be sold. It's competition time as Paul and Than square off against JD and Jeremy to see who can do the best flip and make the most profit. The two teams differ in every area, from budget to design. Will JD and Jeremy's motto of "flip it fast and flip it cheap" hold up against the more conservative Paul and Than who believe that more time and more money makes for a better flip?moreless
  • Design Wars
    Design Wars
    Episode 18
    What makes a flip truly great? Is it the rehab or the design? Veronica and Armando go head-to-head with a new find in a quiet San Antonio neighborhood. Veronica and new project manager Brent want to focus on the design appeal of the renovation while Randy and Armando want to get in, get out and get it done on time and under budget. As the summer heat builds in Texas tempers are on the rise. Will Veronica be able to convince the team that design matters?moreless
  • The Uninvited Guest
    Episode 17
    Jeremy gets the scoop on a run-down but beautiful two family on New Haven's historical West Hazel Street. With only a cursory glance at the outside, Jeremy brokers a deal, but CT Homes gets more than it bargained for. A rogue tenant who has no intention of leaving is only the first surprise this flip has in store. Extensive lower level fire damage and a mystery pipe leak only add to the stress. Can Than and his team turn these unlucky surprises into a happy conclusion?moreless
  • Estate of Affairs
    Episode 16
    Armando helps a woman by buying the home of her recently deceased parents, but the house has a multitude of problems, including leaky pipes and a bad roof.
  • Flip-Flop
    Episode 15
    Angie and her team buy a house in a yuppie Kirkwood neighborhood. They plan to do everything environmentally friendly. They run into problems trying to add on a second story to the house, because of a big tree. Can they make it to their deadline, even after the construction crew walks out on them before the house is complete?moreless
  • House on High
    Episode 14
    Paul and Than of CT Homes, buy a house on a tip from a student of their lecture circuit. They thinks its going to be quick and easy...that is until they discover huge plumbing problems and a steep driveway that blindly leads onto a busy street.
  • 7/28/07
    Armando and his team attempt to flip a house that looks like it hasn't been changed since the 60s. They soon run into problems such as a sunken foundation and a buckling roof.
  • Pipe Dreams
    Pipe Dreams
    Episode 12
    Jeremy attempts to flip a run-down 3 bedroom colonial in Hamden, CT. They soon discover that the previous tenants left all their junk in the house, so the team holds a yard sale to unload all of it. Soon they discover another problem...steam pipes are in the way of their planned kitchen expansion.moreless
  • The Rookie
    The Rookie
    Episode 11
    Chris takes on his first flip as an intern. Armando has all the faith in him but things start going wrong from the start. The contractor Chris hired never showed up and he chose the wrong paint for the house.
  • 6/23/07
    Danielle tries to flip a run down brick house on Atlanta's Van Epps Street. Things are going fine for the mother to be, until she realizes all the damage done to the house and what it will cost to have it all fixed.
  • Veronica Montelongo for Vice-President
    While Armando is off trying to promote a new book he is writing, Veronica steps in to flip what seems to be an easy house. That is until things go wrong and she can't seem to reach Armando for any help.
  • Burning Down the House
    Paul and Than of CT homes buy a fire damaged three bedroom house in Newfield, CT. Than wants to make a big profit, but Paul just wants out.
  • 6/2/07
    Angie, Harris, Peter, and Brian and are headed back to East Atlanta to flip an outdate 40s house. Brian soon takes charge and makes costly decisions to fix small problems, which angers the rest of the crew.
  • 5/5/07
    The Montelongos get a little more than they bargained for when they buy a house that is invested with cats, rats, and mold. No contractors will take on the job until the house is cleaned up, which means thousands of dollar for the Montelongos before work even begins.
  • Condemned!
    Episode 5
    David and Armando attempt to flip a graffiti cover duplex in a San Antonio neighborhood that was damaged by a fire. To their surprise, they find a buyer during the first stages of construction, that is until they learn the house was condemned and is scheduled to be torn down.
  • It'll Cost You
    It'll Cost You
    Episode 4
    Angie, Harris, Peter, and Brian attempt to flip an upscale house on Venetian Way. Their contractor is a bit flaky and is finding numerous ways to make more money off of them and raise the budget.
  • Flip 101
    Episode 3
    Armando helps out a fellow flipper who is left holding the bag after he pays his contractor in advance and then is shocked to find he is left with a half demolished house and a contractor who hit the road. Armando help the flipper out by taking the house off his hands, but soon realized what he's gotten himself into when he discovers enormous problems.moreless
  • An Inspector Calls
    An Inspector Calls
    Episode 2
    Angie attempts to flip a house in a trendier neighborhood of East Atlanta, but the city inspectors try to put a stop to it when they discover one problem after another. This causes her partners to become concerned and her budget for the flip to drastically go up in order to fix all the repairs.moreless
  • 3/31/07
    Nathaniel "Than" Merrill and his childhood friend, Paul Esajian, attempt to flip a three bedroom dollhouse in New Haven, Connecticut. The winter weather is trying to hamper their progress by causing pipes to break and a flooded basement.