Flip This House - Season 4

Sunday 6:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 24, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Rudy's Valley Flip
    Rudy's Valley Flip
    Episode 23
    Rudy buys a gutted foreclosed house in the much desired neighborhood of Simi Valley, Conneticut. Joining him on the flip is his realtor's wife Natalie. It doesn't take long before the two realize they have different styles. But first, they need to get past the potentially deadly wall that is about to collapse between the two houses.moreless
  • Hartford Headache
    Hartford Headache
    Episode 22
    A three-family building in Hartford, Conn., that a flipper foreclosed on and left unfinished is purchased. Problems include a bee infestation and plumbing issues.
  • Brian the Bargain Hunter
    A promising property in Atlanta is purchased without consultation, and the renovation costs are higher than expected. Included: a large tree has to be removed to make way for a new addition; roof and siding problems are discovered.
  • The Up and Comer
    The Up and Comer
    Episode 20
    A home in Los Angeles' Mount Washington neighborhood is purchased, but renovation problems, an earthquake and a nearby murder threaten the sale of the property.
  • The Caddie Shack
    The Caddie Shack
    Episode 19
    A 108-year-old home in New Haven, Conn., is purchased, but major plumbing problems are discovered, along with a 1967 Cadillac that is found abandoned in the garage.
  • Peter's Short Sale Steal
    A home in Atlanta has a lot of promise for a small investment, but problems multiply as the home is torn down to the studs and a tree with long roots threatens the foundation.
  • Rudy's Jefferson Jam
    A two-family house is bought, but problems include a pigeon infestation, a mysterious odor and a homeless man living in the property.
  • Brotherly Love
    Brotherly Love
    Episode 16
    A two-family rental property in Waterbury, Conn., is purchased, and the first dilemma to deal with is a puppy that one of the families had left behind. Also: plumbing problems need to be addressed.
  • Fast Money the Hard Way
    A large home in Los Angeles that was built in the 1800s is purchased. The team is challenged with electrical problems and having the basement meet California's earthquake code.
  • A Flipper in Need
    A Flipper in Need
    Episode 14
    Veronica and Armando help family members flip their home, but the condition of the house has deteriorated, forcing Armando to place tough restrictions on the couple. Unfortunately, his tough love ends in a family squabble.
  • The Two Year Itch
    The Two Year Itch
    Episode 13
    A property in Atlanta that requires major renovations is purchased. Included: finding outside investors; getting an affordable contractor; and dealing with inaccurate blueprints.
  • Out with the Mold, In with the New
    A property near a hospital is purchased, but its mold problems could send the renovation costs through the roof.
  • Veronica Saves the Day
    Veronica buys a single-family home in San Antonio while Armando is away on a speaking engagement. She soon runs into problems when the all-male crew won't listen to her and the city wants to condemn the property.
  • Flip in Trouble
    Flip in Trouble
    Episode 10
    A home that was once the project of other flippers is purchased, but trouble arrives with a termite problem that was previously underestimated.
  • Rudy the Risk Taker
    Rudy Martinez is the latest Flipper to star in the series and he has to pay more attention and pay more money to the latest flip than he planned on when his head contractor, Carlos, keeps missing details. Problems include demolishing the bathroom after Rudy told them not to, throwing out the kitchen cabinets, nail holes in the drywall that go unfilled, and landscapers taking out all the trees that were supposed to be saved.moreless
  • Joe's Quick Flip
    Joe's Quick Flip
    Episode 8
    A rookie gets his first flip and is put in charge of the entire process, but he runs into trouble and is forced to consult the manual, which, he discovers, doesn't have all the answers.
  • A Well of a Tale
    A Well of a Tale
    Episode 7
    A run-down colonial in a working-class neighborhood near New Haven, Conn., is purchased, but the renovation hits a snag when it's discovered the water supply is a well meaning the team needs to find a way to connect the plumbing to the city water line.
  • Peter's Pet Project
    Coming out of a flip in which he just broke even, Peter reveals a new property not far from the previous home, and the team is doubtful, especially when termite damage is discovered.
  • Montelongo vs Montelongo
    A friendly flipping competition gets underway when Armando and Veronica each buy properties, and the loser has to dye his or her hair blond. Both of them run into problems, including mold and a flooded garage.
  • Than's Bargain Buy
    Than's Bargain Buy
    Episode 4
    Just when Than thought he'd found a bargain, he finds that squatter have been living in the house he got from the bank at a steal. Halfway through the renovations, someone steals the copper piping again, and the village hits them with the lead lien on the property.
  • The Money Pit
    The Money Pit
    Episode 3
    Peter needs to flip a house before he gets anymore in the red, because he overpaid for the house as it is. Everything seems to be on track until they discover their is major structural damage that will turn the whole flip upside down.
  • Brent's Big Break
    Brent's Big Break
    Episode 2
    Armando puts Brent in charge of the newest Montelongo flip. This time it's one of Armando's many rental properties that he now wants to flip and sell. The previous tenants left a mess behind and it's Brent's job to turn it around. As usual, there are tight budget restrictions but this time Armando has added a twist. If Brent comes in under budget he gets a bonus, but if he goes over, he loses $500 of his paycheck. It's time to see the budget through the investor's eyes and Brent's going to get a taste of flipping when it's his money that's on the line.moreless
  • Little House in the Hood
    Armando takes a chance on a run down house in a low-income neighborhood that has been hard hit by the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Falling home prices and reluctant buyers make for a tight profit margin for flippers. With no room for error, Armando takes over every aspect of the renovation, enforcing an insanely tight budget and managing the subcontractors himself. Without his project manager, Brent, and contractor, Randy, to run interference Armando quickly runs into trouble with disgruntled workers. Unexpected problems crop up and Armando fears he will not have enough money left to cover the basics--like bathroom fixtures. Cut corners threaten to leave the house on the market forever. Will Armando swallow his pride and ask for help?moreless