Flip This House

Season 4 Episode 3

The Money Pit

Aired Sunday 6:00 PM Mar 29, 2008 on A&E

Episode Recap

Peter has been holding onto a house he bought at the peak of the real estate boom in a popular, up-and-coming East Atlanta neighborhood. It won't take much work to turn it into a lovely home. Only problem is, he overpaid--and the longer Peter keeps it and makes interest payments on it, the deeper he gets in the red. Peter decides he's got to flip it now before his potential loss gets any greater. Brian has no room for error on renovations and takes on the general contractor responsibilities to save money. Peter recruits Candice, a young broker who knows what sells in the area, to help salvage the deal. Peter feels confident that they may turn this deal around, until...a leak leads to the discovery of major structural damage and this fixer-upper turns into a complete rebuild.
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