Season 1 Episode 1

300 Feet Below

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1964 on NBC
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Flipper comes to the rescue when a submarine gets caught on the bottom of the ocean, trapping its occupant who is fast running out of air.

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  • Coral Key park is forced to close because of a death of a person from the venom of a scorpionfish.

    Coral Key park is closed on an emergency order from

    Washington because scorpionfish are in the area. A scientist

    is unable to tell Porter Ricks about this reason and Porter lets Bud and Sandy swim in the lagoon. While swimming, Bud and Sandy happen upon a small submarine and

    tell their father about it. Dr. Rothwell, the man in the submarine, is very angry that the two boys were swimming

    and chides Porter about it. Porter is offended, but then,

    inadvertently, Dr. Rothwell is able to sense that Porter

    doesn't know why the park was closed and explains the

    reason: a man had died and the reason he did was that he

    pricked his hand on the spines of a scorpionfish.

    Rothwell goes on the hunt in his sub for scorpionfish.

    He finds one, but Flipper, in his curiosity, inadvertently

    causes Rothwell to prick his finger on his captured

    scorpionfish. Rothwell goes back in his sub, to be there

    semiconscious. When Rothwell doesn't come back at 1:30

    as promised, Porter calls the coast guard to put them on

    stand-by. When Sandy finds Rothwell's plastic bottle,

    he and Bud tell their father about Flipper having it.

    They convince their father, grudgingly, to let Flipper

    help on the search. Flipper disappears temporarily, but

    emerges as Porter is trying to start his boat for a ride

    back to shore. Porter goes underrwater with Flipper and

    finds the sub. He finds Rothwell in a sleeping position,

    seated in the sub. Porter enters the sub, finds Rothwell

    semiconscious. Porter starts the sub, surfaces it and takes

    it to shore. The show ends with Porter pointing out that

    it was Flipper who really saved Rothwell. A fairly good episode, though later episodes would

    be a lot better.moreless
William Traylor

William Traylor

Dr. Darmon

Guest Star

Jessica Walter

Jessica Walter

Elena Darmon

Guest Star

Bob Sipes

Bob Sipes

Helicopter Crew Chief

Guest Star

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