Season 1 Episode 30

Flipper's Monster

Aired Unknown Apr 10, 1965 on NBC

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  • Some movie personnel visit Coral Key to shoot a movie involving a monster and a girl.

    A movie about a monster that terrorizes a girl is to be shot
    and it is decided to go to Coral Key to shoot it. Porter
    is all for it---until Flipper gets into things. First,
    Bud is jealous of Ella because Flipper likes her and
    won't play with him. Then,Porter is upset with Sandy and partly with Bud that Flipper is not in his pen when the
    scene is shot. Flipper proceeds to foul things up by
    reacting to the "monster" as an actual one, encircling him
    like a angry hornet. The director gets a shark gun and
    Porter's prompt action saves Flipper. An angry Porter
    confiscates the shark rifle. The next day, another scene is shot and Bud is holding Flipper in his pen. All is going
    well---until Bud teases Flipper and offers him his carrot.
    Flipper pulls Bud into the water and escapes. Flipper once
    again goes after the "monster." The director gives him
    a spear gun to try to kill Flipper---but Flipper is too
    fast for the "monster". Meanwhile, Ella has fired the red
    flare gun indicating trouble, and Porter is once again
    called upon to rescue Flipper. Porter wrestles with the
    "monster", and the spear is released and hits the guy
    with the movie camera in the shoulder. Porter comes up
    and the director tells him his camera man has been hit.
    Porter goes down underwater again and rescues the camera
    man. Bud is doing chores after his corporal punishment
    from his father and makes amends with Ella. The director
    apologizes to Porter and to Ella. Now all is peace with
    everyone. Not a great episode, but O.K.