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  • A "warm and fuzzy" show about the perfect life for a child. Who wouldn't want a Dad who got to wear a uniform and spent his days zooming around in a boat (my Dad worked in a factory) or lived a few feet away from the water? Such daydreams it invoked!

    I agree with "vivferro" that Flipper was a good show, but disagree with his or her belief that Flipper was "(one of the first show besides eddie's father) to have a male as the only parent." Why 1960's television was teaming with attractive widowers having jolly adventures with their children! Just off the top of my head I've thought of Bonanza, The Rifleman, The Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry RFD, My Three Sons and Jonny Quest. When I was growing up TV showed a few career girls having interesting lives, and lots of homemakers cooking and cleaning. The rule seemed to be that kids who had Moms didn't have adventures. (Timmy of the Lassie series being the exception.)

    I lived out in the country and thought I had the most boring family in the known world. How I loved watching the adventures of "interesting kids" on TV shows such as Flipper. Imagine living a few feet away from the water of the Florida Keys and having a dolphin to play with. (I had a dog and numerous tamed barn cats. Nice animals, but none of them ever informed me that someone needed rescuing.) Imagine having a good looking Dad who wore a neat uniform and spent his work day boating just like it was a holiday. (My Dad scheduled work at the Talon zipper factory.) Imagine being able to swim, and spending your days snorkeling and boating, rescuing people and finding hidden treasure. (Hey, how come those boys weren't slathered in sunblocker, and told to wear a shirt and hat to lessen the risks of skin cancer!)

    I loved the show as a child, Bud and Sandy had the kind of adventures I wanted to have. (Plus, at the time I thought Sandy was really cute.) Last week I was at a flea market, spent 50 cents on a two-episode VHS tape of Flipper and got a chance to have a grown-up take on the show. (Now I think Porter Ricks is the good looking one in the family!) OK, so it's not exactly Masterpiece Theatre. The plots aren't very involved, but it's entertaining. And happily-ever-aftering. And it gives you a chance to invite folks into your home that you would actually want to meet in real life. Hurray for entertainment that entertains!
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