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Flipper & Lopaka

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Flipper & Lopaka is an Australian animated series based on the world famous dolphin “Flipper”. Flipper saves a young Polynesian boy, Lopaka, from drowning. Lopaka discovers that he has the ability to swim like a fish and talk to the animals. The pair have many adventures in the lost city of Quetzo.
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  • Great influence

    I love flipper and lopaka for the un-biased, un-sexist, and un-commercialised message of their show. The lessons learnt are ones of; friendship, the environment, bullies and bullying and about 'fitting in'. I like this show very much!
  • Superb. A show favoured by children of all ages in Australia. Teaches children about friendship, loyalty, fairness and greed etc. Some high executives may learn something of business ethics from watching this television show.moreless

    I have found over the years that the best shows are those that can churn out storylines in each season that are as gripping as those before. Pokemon is an example of this. It has been around for over a decade and still it has a large fan base.

    Flipper and Lopaka is based on the world famous dolphin, star of the live action television series for 30 years and three live-action movies. The animated television series that ran for three seasons started in 1999 and still airs to this day on Seven (Australian Channel).

    In is set around a beautiful and exotic South Sea island, where Flipper befriends a young Polynesian boy called Lopaka when he saves him from drowning. Together with their appealing gang of aquatic friends, Flipper and Lopaka combine their resources to triumph over the evil giant octopus, Dexter.

    Each season consisted of 26 episodes each totalling 24 minutes each.

    Series One (1999)

    Plot mainly revolving around Flipper and Lopaka as he deals with his new abilities whilst keeping it from his family and friends whilst foiling Dexters plans of getting rid of Flipper etc.

    Series Two (2001)

    In this second series Flipper & Lopaka have a new challenge to face. Their idyllic island world is discovered by a scientist and her son who are searching for the lost city of Quetzo. They threaten its environment, its inhabitants and its very existence. Dexter, the arch evil octopus is still causing havoc with his brainless sharks and greedy schemes. Cultures clash when Spike, the city kid, meets Lopaka and his island friends and they all learn about different ways of living. Series Three (2005)

    In season 3 Flipper and Lopaka must prevent modern-day pirates from stealing a mystical underwater treasure – 'Neptune's Statue' - and unleashing an ancient curse that could destroy the world.

    Each episode is as funny, interesting and gripping as the last. Each character puts in their fair share for this program and if any were to be pulled they would surely be missed.

    This show isn't just for kids to enjoy but for teenagers and adults. Sure it's a kids program but its originality, storyline and characters will keep me glued to the television screen for more.

    I rate this 10/10.moreless
  • i've only watched this show once because i was bored out of my brain and i offically know the theme song, well only

    i've only watched this show once because i was bored out of my brain and i offically know the theme song, well only because its after my favourite joint show ( you know it shows three shows in an hour and a half like eg. satuarday disney on channel 7 in australia and toasted tv on channel 10 in australia) well you'll get what i mean anyway the show its called is sataurday disney about disney obvisly and for all the locals who dont have pay tv. back 2 the subject. this show rocks and i've only watched a episode where flipper gets hurt and cant tell the island people his secret, but in the end he has to but also has explosives in it, so the island people save the day along with lopaka. i didnt know how much i liked this show. 2 thumbs up! guys who made this show. and i thought this was a little kids show.moreless
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