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Season 3 Episode 1

A Fine Romance

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 1998 on Ion Television
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Episode Summary

A Fine Romance
Chris tries everything to stop his mother from marrying Tom.

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    Brian Wimmer

    Brian Wimmer

    Dr. Keith Ricks [ Season 1 ]

    Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    Maya Graham [ Season 1-2 ]

    Elizabeth Morehead

    Elizabeth Morehead

    Dr. Jennifer Daulton [ Season 2 ]

    Wren T. Brown

    Wren T. Brown

    Quinn Garnett [ Season 2 ]

    Colleen Flynn

    Colleen Flynn

    Dr. Pam Blondell [ Season 1 ]

    Whip Hubley

    Whip Hubley

    Lt. Tom Hampton [ Season 2 -4]

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      • Alex: "Well Jackie thinks she's the luckiest girl in the whole world to have a new dad."
        Tom: "Yeah, and we both know what Chris thinks..."
        Alex: "Oh, they grow up so fast - a hug doesn't make things better anymore. You got so much to offer him Tom - Chris just doesn't know it yet."
        Tom: "Yeah, I'll be an old man by the time he does."
        Alex: "Well, I better tell him to hurry then."

      • Tom: "Your mom and I were talking about your dad
        Chris: "He's the best."
        Tom: "Are those his dog-tags?"
        Chris: "Mom gave them to me... so I wouldn't forget him - she should've kept them."
        Tom: "You shouldn't be so tough on your mom - she misses your dad too."
        Chris: "Did she tell you that?"
        Tom: "She didn't have to."

      • Tom: "So what do you say - just you and me, partner? I promise I won't get your feet wet."
        Chris: "I guess."
        Tom: "Good."

      • Alex: "You smell smokey."
        Tom: "You smell great."

      • Alex: "Can you believe that - my dress in missing..."
        Tom: "Maybe my Deputy is wearing it."
        [Alex looks confused]
        Tom: "Well, he's missing too."

      • Alex: "This better not happen on Saturday Tom Hampton!"
        Tom: "Miss my wedding - never!"

      • Tom: "Is Chris scared of Flipper?"
        Jackie: "He's scared of the water... because our dad drowned."
        Tom: "You miss your dad, don't you?"
        Jackie: "I don't really remember him very well, but Chris does - he says he's never going to forget... even if mom has."
        Tom: "Jackie, your mom is never going to forget your dad."
        Jackie: "I know that, but Chris thinks she already has."
        Tom: "Because she's marrying me?"
        [Jackie nodds]

      • Chris: "Why do you have to marry him?"
        Alex: "Because I love him. Chris, this is what your dad would've wanted - not just for me, but for you and Jack too."
        Chris: "How can you say that?"
        Alex: "Because I know it's true. This is so important to me - I want you to be a part of it. I want you to be happy, and I want you to be happy for me. Please - give Tom a chance, in our own way we all need him."
        Chris: "I don't."
        Alex: "How can you say that if you won't give him a chance?"
        Chris: "Because I don't need a new father, okay!"

      • Mark: "Guess I kindof blew it?"
        Tom: "Yeah, I guess you kindof did."

      • Cap: "Gotta use your imagination old buddy."
        Tom: "I'm trying."

      • Chris: "You didn't even ask me, you didn't care about what I wanted - you only care about yourself!"
        Alex: "Chris you know that's not true."
        Chris: "Then don't do this and let's go home."

      • Tom: "You better not be late."
        Alex: "Or else?"
        Tom: "Or I might change my mind..."
        Alex: "Oh really?"
        Tom: "Uh-huh."
        Alex: "I'll be there."

      • Chris: "I miss dad, mom - I miss him so much..."

      • Mark: "Your cutting it a little close to get to the wedding by two."
        Tom: "All I need is thirty minutes."
        Mark: "You've only got twenty."

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