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  • Flipper was one of my favorite series. I wish that they would bring it back on TV.

    Flipper is one of the all time shows. I loved to watch it every week. I loved the theme song that they used to play when it came on. It was a classic, and I wish that they would bring it back to TV. I miss it so much. Flipper was a very smart animal. He would do all kinds of tricks, and he would always save people that was in trouble. And when there was people causing trouble he would let people know that someone was in trouble. Flipper was the best. It was a family show, and there aren't many of them out there. Dolphins are very smart, so I wish that they would bring it out on dvd. I would love to have all of them.
  • Pretty good.

    Jessica Alba was so cute on this show. Flipper was a really cute dolphin. This is a nice family oriented show that's fun to watch. This show has a decent amount of action and adventure to keep you occupied. But I'm talking in a way that reflects the times when it came out during the 90s. People might not like it now. But at the time, this show was really fun to watch. It's not all about the dolphin. there are really good characters around flipper that we get to explore each week. it's really entertaining and it's not boring.
  • This show was a continuing story to the original 1964 Flipper.It was a story of a Divorced Mother of a touble making teen boy.She is a Navy biologist assigned to study Dolphins.Her partner and local hottie Keith Ricks(from the original Flipper). Th

    I really liked the new Flipper.It was a great storyline. Like the original Flipper. This was a continuing story of the orignal.I feel they did a great job. The casting was great. Starting with Colleen Flynn(the Mother Pam Blondell) a very talented actress, that made this part her own. Brian Wimmer (Dr.Keith Ricks), do I need to say more. He is talented and also cute. A lot of shirtless scenes. Jessica Alba (Maya Graham a local girl)and Payton Haas (Mike Blondell the son)both young, cute, and both growing talents. Jessica is now a proven actress. Where is Payton Haas? I do not know.
  • Jessica Marie Alba is so... cute in this TV show.

    Well, the best season of this TV show is the first one. I really don't understand why the producers decided to change this show so much since season 2. Noone except Jessica Marie Alba and Flipper stayed for season 2 (since season 3 only Flipper).

    Season 1 was magic, friendly, with children love between Maya and Mike, etc. But since season 2 it turned into a children criminal tv show full of peoples' work (the change is really drastic, so take it like two diferrent shows).

    Nonetheless, it's still a very good tv show for children which is filmed at a very nice location (Florida) and I think you'll enjoy it like me... and don't miss Jessica Alba.
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