Season 3 Episode 3

Swimming With Sharks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1998 on Ion Television
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Swimming With Sharks
When an environmental disaster hits, it turns out to be political.

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    Brian Wimmer

    Brian Wimmer

    Dr. Keith Ricks [ Season 1 ]

    Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    Maya Graham [ Season 1-2 ]

    Elizabeth Morehead

    Elizabeth Morehead

    Dr. Jennifer Daulton [ Season 2 ]

    Wren T. Brown

    Wren T. Brown

    Quinn Garnett [ Season 2 ]

    Colleen Flynn

    Colleen Flynn

    Dr. Pam Blondell [ Season 1 ]

    Whip Hubley

    Whip Hubley

    Lt. Tom Hampton [ Season 2 -4]

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      • Jackie: "I hate humans - all they ever do is polute and kill everything..."
        Cap: "We're not all that bad sweetheart. I mean just because one person does something stupid, doesn't mean you paint the whole lot of us with the same brush. Hey, there's still a lot of really good people out there - what do you say Flipper?"
        [Flipper nodds]
        Jackie: "You tricked him, he's just hungry."
        Cap: "Yeah, but you gotta admit I'm right, though, ain't I?"
        Jackie: "Maybe."

      • Mark: "Are you saying somebody did this deliberately?"
        Alex: "That oil spill was no accident."

      • Tom: "Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this."

      • Tom (to Cap): "Will you please take your feet off my desk?"

      • Tom: "Looks like we got ourselves an environmental disaster."

      • Jackie: "I don't wanna sleep, I wanna stay next to Ridley - make sure he doesn't die, like the other one."
        Tom: "Jackie, whether you sleep in the bathroom or in your bed isn't gonna make a great deal of difference."
        Jackie: "Turtles are supposed to live for years and years..."
        Tom: "And most do... but in life sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to."
        Jackie: "You mean like when my dad died?"
        Tom: "Yes, like that, but we have to believe that he's in a better place now."
        Jackie: "And Ridley's friend too?"
        Tom: "And Ridley's friend too... Now I wan't you to go to sleep and dream about Ridley... swimming through a clear, blue ocean... and if you dream that it just might happen."

      • Tom: "Something I've learned over the years - you don't go rushing to conclusions if you've got nothing to back 'em up. Now you find me some evidence - something that'll stick, and I'll tell you if I think he's guilty."

      • Mark: "He's hiding something - you can see it in his face."
        Tom: "Just because he looks guilty, doesn't mean he is."

      • Mayor Lloyd: "You questioning my integrity?"
        Tom: "Something to question?"
        Mayor Lloyd: "I am the mayor, I don't have to put up with this - now get out of my house!"

      • Tom: "You think we got enough to make the charges stick?"

      • Alex (to Tom): "I sure like being married to you."

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