Season 4 Episode 26

The Dreaming

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 24, 2000 on Ion Television

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  • Flipper doesn't die, if you watch the last minute it is clear!

    This is a very difficult episode to watch, because this time it was Flipper who needed help and no one was around to let the humans know someone or something in the ocean needed help. Well, it turns out at least one human is in sync with nature and the oceans to know when Flipper is in trouble. Hopefully, in time, even more will join her and all will gain this bond.

    Yes, Flipper's heart stops, but he comes back to life by the grace of God, the writers, and the hug of his friends. It is clear in the ls last minute he lives and continues swim alive and well after the series ends.

    This is a really great episode and doesn't deserve a low rating, because while it is difficult to watch, it shows just how far the people in Flipper's life have grown. They can now actually help Flipper! What it shows me is Flipper will be OK and so will the people around him. They'll all be able to grow, develop, and support each other now and long into the future.

    In a very strong way this was the best episode on which to finish the series. I know saying this might get me thumbs down, but before you knock me, please understand what I'm saying. I agree this is a difficult episode throughout it we're worried about Flipper and we see all the good he's done and here are people simply living in their homes, as he out there fighting for his life. I was crying and balling like a kid. When it looked like he died I was totally devastated and couldn't believe the writers did it. After all he did for us, for them, they let him die!

    The only thing I could figure or say was there had to be a lesson somewhere in his death. There had to be something in there for me and other to learn. Maybe it was that death was a natural part of ocean life. Maybe it was man taking advantage of Flipper by having Flipper save us but not us him meant we didn't deserve to have him around any longer. Maybe it was to teach us how fragile life is and how much we're hurting the oceans.

    Yet, when I heard Flipper's heart restart and saw him again playing and heard the word thtat it turned out alright! Well, I knew the lesson was that we'd - they'd - grown up enough to be able to save Flipper and finally the relationship was equal for man and Flipper. It was a message of HOPE!
  • The final episode of the TV series. Flipper gets trapped in shallow waters and much belated attempt to rescue him result into a heartbreaking end.

    The problem with this final episode is that it is unnecessarily heartbreaking. There could have been a dozen different ways to end this excellent TV series without involving such a devastating ordeal for poor Flipper. I honestly don't understand what the makers were thinking here, Especially considering the show is mainly aimed at a younger audience, this would cause quite a lot of distress. My young daughter was impossible to console after watching it.

    It's a shame because Flipper has been a consistently entertaining and gripping series for four consecutive seasons and this was the worst way to come to an end. :-(