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  • OMG Can I just say that I love JEFF LEWIS!!!!!! He is the cutest, most big Hearted guy and "goes without saying a Fantastic Actor. His love for animals and the way he handles employees is A+. BRAVO TO U JEFF LEWIS!!! Keep up the good work!U R Great!


    I watch Flipping Out whenever I'm home and know it's on. Flipping Out is one of my favorite Shows on T.V. Only because of Jeff Lewis and his pets!!! He deserves very good ratings and as far as I'm concerned...will get them..He's obviouslya very hard worker, fair, kind and will NOT be disrespected and I love him!! By the way, I'm a happily married straight female who loves BRAVO TV!!!! YAAAA Keep up the good work BRAVO!!!!

    -Keligirl From South Carolina!

  • I'm thouroughly addicted to Jeff Lewis and his gang! His OCD tendecies are facinating to watch and I can't help but admit my love for Jeff, and I have great respect for his staff who tolerate him!

    Jeff Lewis who confesses himself that he suffers from OCD is addictive viewing! Their is a slight genius in his way of thinking and he is very funny to watch. His staff suffer in his requests but all highly respect him and he is loved by his quirky housemaid Zoila and his classy 'Executive Assitant" Jenni-Pulos.

    He admits that his condition his perfect for his business of "Flipping" houses in the Lose Angeles area and into the second season we get to see him also work for other (some very difficuly) clients, which is a bit of humble pie for the perfectionist who is not used to be doing told what to do.

    I hope the show continues onto to bigger and bettter things!
  • This show takes a look at a peculiar real estate speculator, Jeff Lewis who lives in LA. He buys houses and "flips" them, selling them for a profit after fixing them up. He does so with the help of an unusual mix of disgruntled employees.

    This show is off the hook and out of the world reality series about a crazy real state agent and the others around him. It show the everyday work the real state agent do and the things he and the people go though. I love this reality show because it funny, have drama and all kinds of emotions to top it. To anyone who is interested into seeing the crazy life of a crazy real state agent then this is your show. You can find the episodes on the BRAVO Channel airing re-runs almost everyday and new episodes weekly. I can't wait until the new episode airs.
  • Really amusing of Jeff Lewis!

    This is one amusing show as it is very addicting. It has real estate mogul Jeff Lewis, who has a hot temper. But manages to sale houses and to work with people. Despite him being a jerk. Jenni is the lovable assistant that has to put up with him. Ryan is more level headed while Jeff is headstrong, as his business partner. The show really is funny and that it is very addicting. To see how Jeff can sell these houses and make a fortune of it. We also see his assistants. Only his maid is the one that can tolerate him the most. But other than that, nobody can stand him.
  • This show is funny because he's crazy!

    Flipping Out is a reality television series on Bravo, and re-aired on sister network CNBC. The show is centered around real estate speculator Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, California. The series features Lewis, his entourage of assistants and helpers, and the houses that he works to buy and sell for profit. [1] The show completed its first season on Bravo and is part of an extended series of shows that have included Blow Out and Work Out. Bravo has announced that the second season will air starting June 17, 2008. This show is good but I don't really think that it's that good.
  • This is one of the craziest reality shows I have seen, and that's its charm.

    I'm not so sure why I like this show so much, but I would suppose that it's most likely because it's so funny without trying too hard. Flipping Out is about a real estate investor, Jeff, with OCD, who abrasively runs his business with a determined, micro-managing demeanor. What truly makes this show so charming is its cast of down-to-earth yet at the same time a little bizarre characters. Jenni Elwood, his executive assistant who occasionally speaks in phrases using only the words' initials (i.e. TD = total dump) explains to us how very idiosynchratic Jeff Lewis is. He has four pets, five psychics, and a staff of employees who don't really do much. Jenni's husband has the sole job of taking out the trash, and then there's Zolia, the (hispanic?) maid with a wise, good-humored disposition. It's entertaining, but at the same time dumbfounding how extreme Jeff is in his work. He's a perfectionist, yet he is a tad reckless, even doing work on a home that isn't yet his to get a higher loan from the bank.

    Admittedly, the show has gotten increasingly less interesting as it's gone on. The tragic thing about spontaneous wackiness is that it's just that: spontaneous. It cannot be planned.

    This show relies on one's ability to laugh at the craziness, so if that's not your cup of tea, you probably shouldn't watch. But if you're looking for a bit of unusuality in your reality shows, then you've come to the right place. I find this show charming when it has these odd moments. Let's hope it can keep producing them.
  • hes crazy... and fun to watch!

    I have to say i was skeptical when i first started watching this show. i was afraid his OCD'ness would annoy me to death. Its actually really amusing. Hes crazy and expects crazy things of people. i mean, honestly who really needs a 4th assistant and 2 psychics who bless his houses? I love watching what he does with the houses, though. he is really good and has fantastic taste. I guess what he said "he found a job where he can put the OCDness to good use" is very true. I just feel sorry for the people that work for him!
  • This is a show about Jeff Lewis, he's a realistate investor who, to some, may seem a bit crazy. He buys old run down homes and rebuilds them and sells them. This show shows you the trials and tribualtions of Jeff and his crew.

    I liked this VERY much. It's actually entertaining. And I wish I had a nice boss like Jeff. If you can't aprecitate his "craziness" than leave. This is a show about Jeff Lewis, he's a realistate investor who, to some, may seem a bit crazy. He buys old run down homes and rebuilds them and sells them. This show shows you the trials and tribualtions of Jeff and his crew.