Flipping Out

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jul 31, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • I'm thouroughly addicted to Jeff Lewis and his gang! His OCD tendecies are facinating to watch and I can't help but admit my love for Jeff, and I have great respect for his staff who tolerate him!

    Jeff Lewis who confesses himself that he suffers from OCD is addictive viewing! Their is a slight genius in his way of thinking and he is very funny to watch. His staff suffer in his requests but all highly respect him and he is loved by his quirky housemaid Zoila and his classy 'Executive Assitant" Jenni-Pulos.

    He admits that his condition his perfect for his business of "Flipping" houses in the Lose Angeles area and into the second season we get to see him also work for other (some very difficuly) clients, which is a bit of humble pie for the perfectionist who is not used to be doing told what to do.

    I hope the show continues onto to bigger and bettter things!