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Flipping Vegas follows Scott and his team – wife and interior designer Amie, and a host of wild project managers and beautiful real estate agents – as they work to breathe new life into run down properties. Despite the roadblocks, the conflict, and the drama, Scott always finishes what he starts – leaving behind a beautiful new home, excited new homeowners and most importantly, a profit in his pocket.

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AIRED ON 9/27/2014

Season 5 : Episode 8

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    I love the show and how these homes look when they are finished! It's amazing. Only downside is how much Scott yells at Amy! He is mean to her and condesending. He is wound up throughout the entire show! I can hardly stand it so I don't know how she does it! And, she is right 99% of the time. He is constantly complaining. Hard to take.
  • Has to be fake

    I'm a homeowner so maybe you can get an amazing discount if you do a lot of business, but their renovation costs are unbelievable. Completely redo 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, all flooring, indoor and outdoor painting, landscaping etc... for $17,000. No way. The cost of materials alone are likely more than the total costs.

    Every episode they're rushing to meet an open house that for some unknown reason would be a catastrophe if they had to postpone. Somehow they make it in the nick of time and sell the house in 1 day for a huge profit. How would postponing 1 week matter much? I think they pay cash for the homes.

    I believe they host seminars on flipping homes so they clearly have an incentive to make it look like easy money.

    It is entertaining though.moreless
  • What a clown!

    This guy is a joke. I can't wait until his wife wakes up, divorces him, and cleans him out. No one should be talked to that way. This show shouldn't be on TV. It was also clear of his abilities when he caulked a roof from the inside to stop it from leaking.
  • Not an honest representation of materials, labor and profits. an honest representation of materials, labor and profits.

    This show is not even close to a factual representation of the true cost to renovate a home. Any contractor will tell you this easily just by watching one episode. I just finished watching a show where they claimed that all the reno costs for a particular job were $17,000 and there is no way it was anything less than $30,000. What a load of crap they are dishing out. I just think it's really bad that viewers are actually being misled to believe they can get into this business and reno a complete house for the same money or less. It's just a damn shame.moreless
  • The worst show ever !

    This show should be banned! They treat the workers terribly and very rude. It's disgusting. My father and I were watching the show and couldn't even watch the rest of the show because how angry "scott" was getting us. Either they fire his ass or ban the show. The rating should be 0. The workers work so hard and get paid shit to bust their ass for you selfish, ruthless, conniving, arrogant people! It's ugly! Get a life!moreless

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