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  • Flip watcher

    Having watched many shows about flipping house no one has been as annoying to watch than Scott Yancey. Bitching and moaning and doing no work. At least Tarek would pitch in occasionally. Don't think I will be watching for long.
  • Is this guy for real?

    Is this guy even a guy? He acts like a spoiled little girl. If it were not for his "wife" Amy, I wouldn't even give this show the time of day. She is brilliant, he(?) is a joke. If the relationship was real, she'd have dumped him and cleaned his crybaby ass out long ago. Please get professional vehicles to drive for the show and keep your spoiled brat toys in your garage. Sickening!
  • Can't watch!

    I love shows like this but can't watch this one. I don't like people who treat others the way Scott does and find myself tensing up watching him when I'm trying to relax and have some entertainment. Either this show, or this man, needs to be taken off the air.

    You guys took a great concept and TOTALLY RUINED IT with such an IDIOT LIKE SCOTT. I choose to watch certain shows for relaxation. After watching only 3 episodes of "Flipping Vegas" I feel stressed and couldn't wait to write about this TOXIC programming! Amy is a great addition however, and unfortunately the producers of this show must have POOR JUDGEMENT and they must believe that every time people turn on the TV that they want DRAMA,BAD BEHAVIORS, AND TOXIC choose more responsible characters and use AIRTIME MORE WISELY!!!!!! Scott is NOT an addition to your programming.
  • terrible

    I don't like how Scot talks to his crew on the show.. no need to belittle them.
  • Scott is Cheap

    I hate this show already only because of the statement that Scott made, Skate House 3/1/14. He called the home a $75,000.00 dump and want to sell it for a high price, what an a** he uses cheap material and makes statements like I am not going to put expensive material into it but want to sell at a high price. I will make sure if I ever buy a home in Vegas it will not be one that he fix up!!!! He is cheap and Amy should leave him

    I love the show and how these homes look when they are finished! It's amazing. Only downside is how much Scott yells at Amy! He is mean to her and condesending. He is wound up throughout the entire show! I can hardly stand it so I don't know how she does it! And, she is right 99% of the time. He is constantly complaining. Hard to take.
  • Has to be fake

    I'm a homeowner so maybe you can get an amazing discount if you do a lot of business, but their renovation costs are unbelievable. Completely redo 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, all flooring, indoor and outdoor painting, landscaping etc... for $17,000. No way. The cost of materials alone are likely more than the total costs.

    Every episode they're rushing to meet an open house that for some unknown reason would be a catastrophe if they had to postpone. Somehow they make it in the nick of time and sell the house in 1 day for a huge profit. How would postponing 1 week matter much? I think they pay cash for the homes.

    I believe they host seminars on flipping homes so they clearly have an incentive to make it look like easy money.

    It is entertaining though.
  • What a clown!

    This guy is a joke. I can't wait until his wife wakes up, divorces him, and cleans him out. No one should be talked to that way. This show shouldn't be on TV. It was also clear of his abilities when he caulked a roof from the inside to stop it from leaking.
  • Not an honest representation of materials, labor and profits. an honest representation of materials, labor and profits.

    This show is not even close to a factual representation of the true cost to renovate a home. Any contractor will tell you this easily just by watching one episode. I just finished watching a show where they claimed that all the reno costs for a particular job were $17,000 and there is no way it was anything less than $30,000. What a load of crap they are dishing out. I just think it's really bad that viewers are actually being misled to believe they can get into this business and reno a complete house for the same money or less. It's just a damn shame.
  • The worst show ever !

    This show should be banned! They treat the workers terribly and very rude. It's disgusting. My father and I were watching the show and couldn't even watch the rest of the show because how angry "scott" was getting us. Either they fire his ass or ban the show. The rating should be 0. The workers work so hard and get paid shit to bust their ass for you selfish, ruthless, conniving, arrogant people! It's ugly! Get a life!
  • Lying, cheating rat bastards


    My family's company was the one that repaired the Level 5 Drywall in that Dream House episode. They owed us the $25,000 they said they paid us, but still to this day owe us $19,000! My father was on TV and turned down so many job offers just because they said they saw his work on this show. We took it up with the Contractor's board, but they were able to schmooze their way to a clean slate just like any other show that comes along. We don't trust anyone that has to do with this show or any other show for that matter. Just about everything they say on this show is a lie. They try so hard to make it dramatic by saying they're pouring they're budget out when they're really stealing everything they can. The only reason they paid us $6,000 upfront was for the immediate materials. There is no way in hell this show should ever be allowed to do business again. The owner said he'd make sure we got paid, but refused to sign anything to say he would. We put so much effort into this job, and they go and steal it from us and not to mention the workers.
  • Worse show

    They are rude and hideous. How they treat the people that work for them. Get a life and some compassion