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  • why dear god why?

    as terrible as alice was, why on god's green earth would anyone think it deserved a spin off. i am not sure if i even saw more than a couple of episodes, but i do not think more than a couple ever made it to air. it just goes to show how intelligent network execs thought the television watching public was.
  • The Words to the Theme Song!

    Rowdy redhead headin' for the big time
    Lookin' like a Texas sequined star
    Makin' eyes at every tight-jeaned cowboy
    Sassin' good old boys around the bar
    Flo's Yellow Rose
    Flashin' neon, every trucker knows
    The door is always open, and the beer is always cold
    At Flo's Yelloe Rose
    Flo's Yellow Rose

    (and the end song was a countryish instrumental)
  • Why???

    When supporting characters in hit shows become very popular and are spun off into their own shows the results are often disastrous. Such was the case with Flo. The character of FLo was a wisecracking waitress on the show Alice and her signature phrase was "Kiss My Grits." Somebody got the bright idea that it would be funny to spin FLo off and send her back to her hometown. Hopefully whoever came up with this idea was fired. The show lasted a year and a half. Alice, on the other hand continued for five additional seasons. I don't think Polly Holliday's career ever recovered, which is really a shame.
  • You other reviewers don't know what your talking about.

    Now, I will admitt that back then show weren't consistant. They would vary, and you'd never know if you were getting a good episode or a bad.

    Now, I loved Alice. I thought it was so funny and Flo was my favorite, and I also loved Flo. Now you guys seem to be under the impression that this was cancelled because it was a crappy, but thats not true. Flo's first season was one of the most watched shows of that time, it was in the top ten. The problem was that for the second season CBS moved its time slot around without proper advertisment. It's ratings plumeted because no one knew when it was on. If CBS had left it in its original timeslot OR advertised it's new one it probably would have last as long as Alice, if not longer!