Flying Blind

FOX (ended 1993)


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  • The thing I remember

    The show made the cover of TV Guide as one of the best and brightest shows around on television. Within a month of that article the show was canceled.

    It was witty and edgy. Tea Leoni was amazing as Alicia.
  • Too adult for the times?

    "Flying Blind" was a remarkably adult and sophisticated sitcom which went places that few sitcoms did at the time (and that few would have the nerve to go now in these more uptight times). Corey Parker was ideal as the nebbishy Jewish guy who falls head over heels with Tea Leoni's icy, beautiful Alicia. The fact that Alicia reciprocates while still remaining mysterious, even unknowable, surprises and delights. Then add the wonderful Clea Lewis as Alicia's drily witty roommate Megan and you have a show that, while short-lived, manages to last in the memory. The show's regrettably brief run is no reflection on its quality--it deserved far more than a one-season run.