Flying Rhino Junior High

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • Season 2
    • Seeing Double
      Episode 13
      When Marcus inadvertently breaks the sink in the boys' bathroom, he bolts, allowing Johnny to take the blame. But when he hears that Johnny may face suspension, Marcus instantly regrets his decision not to step forward. Of course, regretting his inaction is one thing. Actually having the courage to step forward and admit to his mistake is something else. While Marcus wrestles with a guilty conscience, Earl, a regular fall guy during his high school days, decides to teach Marcus a lesson. Inspired by an in-class discussion of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass", Earl sends our heroes to a bizarre alternate mirror world. There, they encounter weird mirror versions of our Rhino regulars: a sharp and eagle-eyed Principal Mulligan, an erudite Rod Harwood, a squeaky-clean Fred Smertz. As it turns out, our heroes have quite a reputation in this mirror world -- and not a good one.moreless
    • All Green Thumbs
      Episode 12
      Spring has sprung, and it's time for the annual Flying Rhino Junior High Garden Bonanza! The classroom becomes a sea of plant pots as Mrs. Snodgrass teaches the kids about growing everything from crops to Venus Fly Traps. As part of the lesson, each student is given the opportunity to plant and take care of his or her own crop. Ruby waits impatiently for her plant to grow. Earl sees this, and he decides to take advantage of the situation. This is the perfect opportunity to test his new plant growth formula. If the experiment is successful, he will use his Phantom X Brand Fertilizer in his ultimate goal of total world domination!moreless
    • Phantomatic Voyage
      Episode 11
      When Ruby's poor eating habits result in an in-class fainting spell, Nurse Cutlip takes it upon herself to lecture the kids on the importance of proper nutrition, exercise and rest for the promotion of health. But down in the boiler room, Earl scoffs at the notion. Eat healthy? Exercise? Ha! He eats terribly, he doesn't exercise, and he's in fine physical form. But when Nurse Cutlip holds up an old photo of Earl as a warning of what could happen if they don't take care of their bodies, Earl becomes enraged. He morphs the school into his body, determined to give the kids an up-close and personal look at just how healthy he is.moreless
    • 12/11/99
      Visiting the school for a routine safety inspection, a fire chief drops by the class to deliver a lesson on emergency preparedness and fire safety. An ensuing safety tour of the school is complicated by Earl, who figures that if Flying Rhino Junior High fails the safety inspection, the school will be shut down, and he will have the building all to himself! A few keystrokes later, the enviromaster has morphed the school into the most dangerous place imaginable.moreless
    • Raging Rubbish
      Episode 9
      The hot topic of the day is the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Billy, Lydia, Marcus and Ruby are doing their part to help protect the environment by cleaning up the school. The Phantom transforms a trash pile into a living garbage monster!
    • 11/27/99
      Ask anyone what Billy's favorite movie is, and they'll tell you: "Daredevil Donnelly and the Amazon Adventure." He's seen it 20 times. And with all of the hype surrounding the cheeseball classic release to video, Billy has caught Daredevil Donnelly fever all over again, suddenly patterning himself after the film's dashing hero. He shows up at school sporting Daredevil Donnelly's trademark fedora, toting Daredevil's trademark lasso, spouting his trademark lines ("Make way for adventure!", "Stand back and be amazed!", etc.). He's even got Daredevil Donnelly's bluster and bombast down pat. Well, Billy's heroic posturing proves too much for Earl, who decides to transform the school into a real-life Amazon adventure. But, alas, the thick-headed Raticus inadvertently triggers the morph while Earl is topside fixing a camera and, before you know it, the Phantom (in a less-than-clever Heidi disguise) has joined our heroes on a hair-raising ride down the Amazon.moreless
    • Career Day
      Episode 7
      It's Career Day, and a variety of career exhibits have set up shop throughout the school. Marcus feels sorry for Buford. No one seems interested in his janitorial exhibit. Marcus guilts the gang into visiting by reminding them how helpful Buford has been in their past adventures. THe kids visit Buford, but they don't care about his career very much.moreless
    • Out of Time
      Episode 6
      It's been days since Billy struck out in the Junior High Baseball Championship Game, and he hasn't stopped moping yet. If only he had the chance to do it all over again. Lydia rightly points out that Billy should just forget about it and move on: "You can't change the past." Not yet, Billy agrees, but with the advancements in science, it should only be matter of time before time travel is possible -- and he'll be able to go back into the past and rectify things.moreless
    • Junior High Noon
      Episode 5
      Lydia allows her stint as hallway monitor to go to her head. Super-bossy, she delights in setting down rules and regulations for the others to follow. Earl finds the whole situation endlessly amusing -- until Lydia vows to crack down on individuals holding overdue library books. Incensed, Earl morphs the school into a lawless town right out of the Old West.moreless
    • 10/23/99
      Inspired by a class lesson on pirates, Johnny and Rod start shaking down the other students for their milk money, terrorizing the school. But when Earl hears Lydia pass judgement on the two thugs -- "Those guys are low-down, dirty sneaks. They're no better than Earl." -- he loses it. After all, his stellar villainy is leaps and bounds above their amateurish thuggery. To prove his point, he dons a pirate's hat and becomes the infamous Peach Fuzz Beard, morphing a pirate ship into existence and commanding it from the boiler room.moreless
    • It's Greek to Me
      Episode 3
      It's time for the annual Flying Rhino Junior High Games, in which students compete against one another in the glorious field of athletic competition. Everyone has been practising their skipping, pogoing and yo-yoing... well, almost everyone. Billy, a natural athlete, feels that he doesn't need to practise. Earl, irritated by Billy's arrogant posturing, strikes a blow for uncoordinated geeks everywhere by transforming the school into the site of the original Olympic Games: Olympus!moreless
    • Wag the Rat
      Episode 2
      It's student election time, and Billy and Ruby are both vying for the coveted title of school president. Though initially friendly, their rivalry heats up, and before you know it, the mud starts flying. When Earl's petition to include his name on the ballot is rejected, matters are complicated by the late entry of a mysterious third candidate. Buoyed by a glitzy ad campaign (compliments of his spin doctor/campaign manager, the Phantom), the third candidate (none other than Raticus in a clever disguise) shoots ahead in the polls.moreless
    • Live and Let Spy
      Episode 1
      Curiosity gets the best of Billy, Marcus, and Ruby when they try to sneak a peek in Lydia's class journal. Lydia, understandably upset, accuses them of snooping, and informs them that her journal is private. Besides, who's to say that she's been writing about them? She could be writing about anyone: her parents, her uncle's cat, Earl. Earl? Convinced that Lydia is writing about him, Earl transforms the school into a 1960's spyscape, and he dispatches a rogues' gallery of spies to retrieve the document.moreless
  • Season 1