Flying Rhino Junior High

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • One of Nelvana's most underrated gems, now avaliable on YouTube and...IT'S BY THE OFFICAL OWNERS so no takedowns!

    Flying Rhino Junior High was a big piece of my childhood, I have literally watched every episode however, very few I can remember...

    I remember the episode with the giant dragonflies and the jungle that grew in the school, the one where they went underwater, the one where the weather kept viciously changing and the one with the giant dinosaurs. This show was under broadcasted, underrated, under advertised and underappreciated but it will always be one of Canada's finest cartoon shows ever!

    Anyways, the show revolves around a mysterious school where seemingly anything can happen due to Earl a boy who lives somewhere (possibly the cellar.) He always causes trouble for the school with a wide array of scenarios which always left me on the edge of my seat for 30 minuites.

    9.0/10.0 = A/A+
  • I am one of the few people in the world who have seen this show.

    No one else has even heard of this show. I'm glad I caught it. This was my favorite back then. If it was still on, it'd be my favorite now. The show itself is fantastic and very creative. The school transforms because of this punk kid in the basement who hates the students above. The premise isnt so smart but the show is really fun. Its pretty funny too and educational as well. I miss this show a lot.