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Season 1 Episode 4

Golden Lady

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ITV2
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Episode Summary

Golden Lady
Lindsay is nominated for a radio award that will be presented by Konnie Huq. He tries to get the guts to ask her out. Dom parties with the Subways during the ceremony and then tries to avoid them after that.

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  • Great episode - really funny.

    This is the fourth episode out of the six and it still remains a very funny show with the added bonus of some great performances by big name artists. It was so sweet the way Lindsay was panting after Konnie Huq. I thought she played herself very well! Dom was very funny when he woke up after a very drunken awards ceremony in someone else's underpants and having used a hat belonging to one of The Subways as some kind of potty. The script was very well written with loads of laughs and the cast are simply great in this. Bravo!moreless

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    • Lindsay: Oh fuck me in the face. It's Konnie. Oh she must be here for a date. She's so beautiful. She's like ... she's like a mermaid. But with legs.

    • Dom: It wasn't a complete waste of our time. We've actually managed to solve the riddle of your piddle.

    • Lindsay: If you tell one more person about my bladder I'm going to tell them about your pornographic jigsaws.
      Neil: I was trying to help.

    • Lindsay: Having another conference call with a dying whale, I see.
      Topher: Seriously, what do you think? New kid, Embryo. Records it all under water.
      Lindsay: Who doesn't these days?

    • Jane: You're the only person in the whole world who could set up the woman of his wet dreams on a date with his nemesis.

    • Lindsay: Oh what is wrong with me?
      Jane: You're gangly, you look surprised all the time, you have the name of a lady.

    • Jane: What are you doing?
      Lindsay: Dom did something terrible in a hat and left it to incubate in a drawer.

    • Lindsay: Nice pants!
      Dom: Oh, they're not mine. Right. Wet wipes top drawer. Coffee. Fag. Then I'm ready to go.

    • Lindsay: What are you doing? Collecting sex miles?
      Jane: Young, free, single. Just doing what you should be doing but with less of the crying and wanking.

    • Lindsay: Where's Dom Cox?
      Jane: I don't know. But if he's late again I'm going to staple his scrotum to his desk.

    • Lindsay: (about Konnie Huq) Oh, she's so pretty. She's like a ... unicorn.
      Jane: And it looks like Topher's riding her.
      Lindsay: What? There's no riding. I was the one that put in all the groundwork last night, not him. If anyone is going to be riding her, it's … going to be me.
      Jane: Ground work? You bought her a drink from the free bar and then told her she had a mouth like Bob Dylan.

    • Lindsay: If Topher's got his filthy hands on lovely little Konnie Huq, I am going to stab myself in the eyes with a blunt fork.
      Jane: Ah, good morning to you too.

    • Lindsay: Is there such a thing as premature urination?
      Neil: I think the term's incontinence.

    • Dom: I think I should tell our lovely listeners the good news. Our boy here has been nominated for an award tomorrow night, presented by the lovely Konnie Huq. Best tall man talking Irish lesbian DJ award.

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    • Lindsay: She was the longest serving presenter of Blue Peter ever, longer even than John Noakes.

      Blue Peter Blue Peter is the longest running British childrens television show, recently celebrating it's fiftieth birthday in October 2008. Konnie Huq was one of their longest serving presenters at 11 years (1997 – 2008 ). John Noakes was actually on the programme for 13 years (1965 – 1978 ) and therefore was on it for 2 years longer than Konnie Huq, so Lindsay was wrong.