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Season 1 Episode 1

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Feb 25, 2009 on ITV2
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Episode Summary

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Lyndsay decides to go into dance music. Dom goes back to his boy band background. Jane thinks about settling down with her current boyfriend, Joe.

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  • Great start to a promising new series.

    This was a really good opening episode for this new comedy. There were plenty of funny lines and we got to know the characters really quickly. Lindsay Carol is a DJ who's rubbish at live shows but luckily a school kid has made a CD of his dance music so Lindsay uses the disc at a gig pretending he's scratching the vinyl etc. Of course, he gets caught out and literally crawls away from the scene. Dom meets up with an old lover – the mother of his former band-mate and it's not long before they renew old acquaintances. Jane meets her boyfriend Joe's parents but Lindsay puts in a bad word with Joe and he thinks she wants to break up with him. Overall – a good start.moreless

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    • Lindsay: (to Joe) I'm surprised you got to date eight. Jane goes through men like toilet paper.

    • Lindsay: Hey, there you are. Did you get the stuff?
      Neil: Of course. Records are inside.
      Lindsay: What the ...? Five Star, Mister Mister, Sinitta? Where'd you go shopping, Neil? 1986?
      Neil: What, I got them from a charity shop. Five quid for the lot. You said you weren't going to play them.
      Lindsay: Well what if someone looks in my bag? They're going to think I robbed Pete Waterman's house.

    • Jane: (reading the card attached to a bouquet of flowers) Hey Babe, great seeing you last night. Hope you're free after the show, I'll come by and pick you up.
      Daisy: Oh, he's picking you up. Maybe he's going to whisk you away to Paris and take you to the Moulin Rouge or maybe to some Scottish castle or maybe to some posh hotel so you can fuck and steal the bubble bath.

    • Dom: So how's Mrs. Spalding Senior?
      Hannah: Oh, good. She wanted to come down but then we thought you might fuck her. So we decided against it.
      Dom: Probably for the best.

    • Hannah: I'm a fan of your show.
      Dom: Oh, great, well it's nice to meet pretty fans. Most of our fans look like they were kicked out of the ugly school for being too ugly.

    • Tim: We shouldn't have called it "Spread Your Love", we should have called it "Watch Your Back Or Dom Cox Will Fuck Your Mother While You're Doing Your Duke of Edinburgh".

    • Jane: I talked to Joe and turns out he wasn't that keen.
      Lindsay: Oh, I see, Did Joey-woey not want Janey-waney to tarnish her pretty little botty-wotty?

    • Daisy: You mix as well?
      Lindsay: Yeah. Yeah, I do all that. Mixing, scratching, beat box. I'm the Right Honourable Lord Mix a lot. It's like a disease. I got mix-amatosis.

    • Jane: You shagged his mum?
      Dom: She sort of shagged me too.
      Lindsay: You're an actual motherfucker.

    • Lindsay: Listeners, this is to vote in our online poll, which today is, should our producer, Jane, get a tattoo?
      Dom: Yeah, Jane's been toying with the idea and we thought what better way to make such a momentous decision than to ask a bunch of strangers?

    • Lindsay: And now a butter company want to use your song in their ad campaign?
      Dom: It's not a done deal, yet, but if me and my fellow boy banders can sort things out, then "Spread Your Love" could be the new soundtrack to buttery goodness.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Justin Hawkins, The Guillemots and Marianne Faithfull all had roles in this episode as themselves, although Marianne Faithfull did not actually speak.


    • Lindsay: They're going to think I robbed Pete Waterman's house.

      Pete Waterman is an English record producer, occasional songwriter, radio and club DJ and television presenter. He is well known for his record collection of rare US imports.