Season 1 Episode 3

Return to Sender

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 11, 2009 on ITV2
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Return to Sender
Jane admits to being a kleptomaniac in her formative years. Dom has a disastrous date with a deaf girl. Lindsay finds himself involved in the stealing of a laptop.

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  • More hilarious stuff from the FM team!

    This series is still funny wih lots of great lines from Chris O'Dowd and Kevin Bishop. The show is fast becoming a personal favourite of mine and I hope they get to do another season (and hopefully show it on terrestrial ITV and not just on ITV2). Also a live performance from Ladyhawke. The whole business with Ladyhawke's laptop was very well done and absolutely hilarious, full of schoolboy jokes and lots of toilet humour. I loved the bit when Lindsay came round at the bottom of the stairs, looking at the cops while clutching the laptop. Brilliant!moreless

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    • Lindsay: So, Ladyhawke, I hear you were once attacked by a dog who tried to rip your trousers off. Dom, have you ever had a dog try to rip your trousers off?
      Dom: Yeah, every time I go to Diamond Joe's night club in Essex.

    • Dom: So you're going to remove wax from my ear by sticking in a candle made of wax. And you're sure it's not dangerous?
      Daisy: No, no, of course not. (reading from the leaflet) Attention. Just keep total still, so burning wax not scar face.

    • (Lindsay is hiding in a cubicle in the men's toilets.)
      Jane: Lindsay? Lindsay, what are you doing?
      Lindsay: Having a poo.
      Jane: Is that Ladyhawke's laptop?
      Lindsay: Oh. It was an accident.

    • Ladyhawke: Do you guys have wi-fi? I need to check my emails.
      Lindsay: No. We don't … it's broken. Yeah, the router's having its modem refragged. Neil?

    • Lindsay: Neil, stop it. The email, stop it. Catch it!
      Neil: Catch it? It's not a mouse.
      Lindsay: Stop it. Stop it. Unsend. Where's the Unsend button?

    • Dom: Seriously, you've got to go out with a bird that does sign language. Hand speed is unbelievable.

    • Jane: Whoa! Those are tight.
      Lindsay: They're supposed to be, Jane. They're skinny jeans.
      Jane: Someone dressing up for Ladyhawke?
      Lindsay: No, I like them. Oh, if I'm honest they're a little tighter than I'd like.
      Neil: I can actually see your balls.
      Dom: Morning, losers. You look like a character from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

    • Homeless Man: Come on, mate, have you got anything to spare?
      Neil: I got a smoothie in here. It's got goji berries in.
      Homeless Man: No thanks. Those things got more sugar in them than a can of Coke.

    • Lindsay: What's in the bag?
      Neil: Marshmallows. The acoustically-friendly cinema snack.

    • Jane: Ooh, who's the lucky lady?
      Dom: Poppy. She's in Hollyoaks.
      Lindsay: Really? Which one?
      Dom: She's the deaf bird in the corner who does the ... sign thing.
      Jane: Wow. A girl who can't hear what you're saying. This is really going to work out for you.
      Lindsay: I imagine Hollyoaks is actually better if you're deaf.

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    • Dom: You look like a character from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

      The Nightmare Before Christmas is the 1993 film by Tim Burton. Dom is alluding to Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown, who discovers Christmas Town, but doesn't quite understand the concept.

    • Dom: She's in Hollyoaks.

      Hollyoaks is a Channel 4 soap that has been running since 1995. There really is someone doing sign language in the bottom corner of screen on the weekly omnibus edition.