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  • Brett Halsey, Barry Coe, and Gary Lockwood as free lance journalists working out of Honolulu. Somehow their stories always seemed to revolve around women with stunning figures.

    Brett Halsey and Barry Coe were young free lance magazine journalists who operated out of a beautiful office in Honolulu. The time was 1961. Gary Lockwood was their 20 year old "leg man" who was born on 12/7/41. Gigi Perreau was their sweet, sexy secetary. This show was dedicated to the premise that life could be nice if you were young, smart, athletic, attractive, successful, and lived in Hawaii. All the stories these guys worked on seemed to involve women with traffic accident causing figures. Guest stars included Inger Stevens, Rhonda Fleming, Julie London, Joanna Barnes, Stella Stevens, Jayne Mansfield, Anne Helm, Yvonne DeCarlo, Yvonne Craig, Leslie Parrish, Tuesday Weld, Dyan Cannon, Joanna Moore, Bethel Leslie and Diane Baker. (I would have loved to have been the casting director on this show!)It's amazing heros Brett, Barry, and Gary got any work done with so many distractions. But those guys were dedicated!