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Create your own fonejacker sketches

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    Basically 1 person does a fonejacker sketch of a certain character *or creates their own one* and the next person rates it and puts their own sketch and the cycle continues. I'll start.

    Woman: Hello?

    Mike: Good evening ma'am, my name's Mike and i'm calling from "Photocopy your anus and put them on Facebook at IT Resources.LTD". I was wondering if i could ask some questions about your heritage.

    Woman: I don't think so.

    Mike: Fair enough. Shall i give you our webpage just incase?

    Woman: Okay then.

    Mike: It's www.

    Woman: Uh huh

    Mike: Nuke your kittens parents and eat them with croissants at IT Have you got that?

    Woman: yeah.

    Mike: okay then, thanks. bye

    Woman: bye

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