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  • Watch it, its that funny!

    I guess by now we have all heard a funny prank call from somewhere. This show is dedicated to that, Kayvan Novak the fonejacker takes it too a whole new level. If you like Trigger Happy TV, Ali-G then the overall quality of this production will make you feel right at home. The characters that the fonejacker portrays are quite interesting, you have everyones favorite George Agdgdgwngo a Ugandan bank account detail scammer, Terry Tibbs a no-holds-barred used car salesman, Mr Broadbandings who works from an Indian call centre. Along with the fore-mentioned characters there are plenty more to wet your appetite. Amazing cool animations accompany most sketches except the hidden camera sketches where the fonejacker watches his victim as they get pranked. This is bound to become an classic and I cant wait for series 2.

    Check it out, I am sure it will give you a good laugh.