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  • Fantastic show, a great mix of monthypytonesque animations and prank calling with amazing impressions. If you dont laugh at this, then there's something wrong with you.

    The show consists of short prank calling segments. There are about a dozen different characters, all performed by one man... the fonejacker.

    My personal favourite is the african bankscam conman, George Agdeduengo. He actually managed to get bank detailes once from some moron that belived him when he told him that a pigeon with birdflu was trapped inside his bankaccount.

    If you get into it like I did you'll find yourself repeating the many different catchphrases in the show. You'll say things like, dooovde, why are you so misserable sir?, hello my name is Mike I'm calling from put a fizzle in your fanny and danze the fandango network soulutions and you'll probably start calling your mates up as Terry Tibbs.

    For real, this is a MUST SEE. I hope to god it will continue, it's a true classic, buy the DVDs and support the show, tell all your friends even tell your nan about it, but for gods sake DONT MISS IT!