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Food Finds

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Food Finds is a TV show inspired by the book written by Allison Engel and Margaret Engel. Sandra Pickney's combination of inspiration and travel is what qualified her to be the perfect host. Sandra was inspired by food since she was a girl. Sandra would be dazzled by how her mother could turn simple ingredients into a gourmet meal. She traveled with her parents across America and parts of Europe, being exposed to an array of different cuisines. In her adulthood she became a news anchor, a food columnist then on to hosting the popular Food Finds for Food Network. Food Finds sends Sandra on the lookout for home-cooked favorites. She journeys across America, off the beaten path to discover the hidden gems that use the freshest local ingredients to create forgotten favorites. Along the way she finds new gems as well, which include shops that create melt-in-your-mouth deserts and the finest wine.

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