Food Network Challenge

Sunday 8:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 10, 2006 In Season


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  • PVC pipes and adhesive

    If Food Network Challenge is going to let folks use PVC pipes, then they should also let them use the correct adhesive for PVC. I watched a challenge this morning aimed at "Mardi Gras", and one of the team's decorations utilized PVC pipe to make an "arm" for a jester. It fell off twice, because they were using adhesives that were NOT for PVC. Quit screwing up their chances and hurting their projects! GIVE THEM PVC SOLVENT AND ADHESIVE! Not giving them the proper tools and expecting perfection is insane.
  • What can go wrong with people competing by making fabulous food!

    This show is amazing almost every time I turn it on. The unique themes of every competition are amazing, I don't know how they come up with them. Also, what the competitors make are usually amazing.(unless they drop it) The only tim e this show isn't so great is when the competition is not very exciting. For example, the episodes where the competitors just make regular food that tastes good but isn't appealing to the viewer because we can't taste it. I think they should do less of those episodes and do more with sugar pieces or at least cakes but I would prefer sugar. Overall, the episodes that aren't boring are really great giving this show 4 out of 5 stars.
  • great show...

    Food Network Challenge is a show that basically has a lot of challenges and different contestants in each episode. It's great. Every episode it's something different with different people and it's really interesting to see what they some up with and how some of them completely mess up. It's really entertaining. I especially like the cake making episodes because the contestants wrack up amazing cakes in a short amount of time. It's amazing. Overall, very entertaining show that I love to watch whenever I get the chance. The host is pretty good, but not great. The differernt judges are interesting to watch also.