Food Truck Revolution

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Food Truck Revolution

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Food Truck Revolution is the Cooking Channel special that takes a look at the latest craze in the culinary world, food trucks. In the past few years, food trucks have been getting their time in the limelight in the foodie world, graduating from dirty roach coach trucks to some of the most innovative, progressive, and fun food that you can get. Not limited by the need for a static building, these food risk-takers can serve up unique treats right to the hungry people on the street, and catching a food truck is always a fun surprise. The trucks have captured people's appetites and twitter feeds, as finding the location and waiting in line is just as fun as eating the food. The new food truck revolution is surely going to change the way we eat for years to come, and this special takes a look at the new tastes popping up around the country. From gourmet donuts streetside in Los Angeles, to tasty fusion foods like duck tacos in Minneapolis, we get a taste of the future of food. Join in for an exploration of some of the best tastes ever on wheels, on Cooking Channel's Food Truck Revolution.moreless

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