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Naota Nanadaba is an ordinary twelve-year-old sixth grader who lives in the city of Mabase and feels that nothing interesting ever happens in his life. That is, until a mysterious woman on a Vespa motorbike, Haruko Haruhara, smashes into him causing him to change in ways he never would have expected. As Naota deals with his life and the awkward circumstances caused by Haruko, his brother's ex-girlfriend Mamimi Samejima, and many others, he soon discovers that his life may be changed forever; though in a town as normal as Mabase, will Naota manage to deal with these bizarre circumstances?

Fooly Cooly, or FLCL, or Furi Kuri (フリクリ), is a unique series that combines many aspects of animation, an extensive soundtrack and some outstanding writing to make one of the most bizarre and hilarious anime ever created. FLCL is a six episode OVA (original video anime) created by Kazuya Tsurumaki of Gainax and released by Gainax and Production I.G. In 2003, it was licensed and aired on Cartoon network's Adult Swim programming block.

Character Descriptions: Naota Nandaba (ナンダバ・ナオ太): Naota is a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the town of Mabase. He lives with his father, Kamon, and is often used by his brother's girlfriend, Mamimi. He is the main character in the series and is targeted out by Haruko in the first episode, in which the series deals with him coping with the circumstances going on around him. His name is derived from the Japanese word for "honesty".

Haruko Haruhara (ハルハラ・ハル子): Haruko is a pink haired woman of unknown origins. Most people know her as "The Vespa Woman" since she is usually always on her yellow Vespa wherever she goes. After she runs over Naota with her Vespa and causes weird things to come out of his head, she decides to stick with his family as a housekeeper so she can keep an eye on him. She becomes more and more complex as the series progresses.

Mamimi Samejima (サメジマ・マミ実): Mamimi is seventeen years old and is the girlfriend of Naota's older brother, Tasuku, who went to America to play baseball. She usually skips school and heads down under the bridge where she usually smokes and waits for Naota to come along.

Eri Ninamori (ニナモリ・エリ): Ninamori is in the same as Naota and she was elected the president. She is the daughter of the mayor of Mabase, who is often caught up in scandal, which likely had an affect on her personality. While she may seem to be sophisticated, her father's charm and intelligence has rubbed off on her and she knows how to cheat to get her way. It is also implied that she is somewhat interested in Naota romantically and possibly even sexually.

Kamon Nandaba (ナンダバ・カモン): Kamon is Naota's father and a freelance writer who more often than not just makes up stories to get people to buy his articles. While he may not always be successful in his endeavors, his store does sell other novelties of the past, such as Crystal Pepsi, which helps finance their household.

Commander Amarao (アマラオ): Amarao works for the department of Interstellar Immigration as a middle man for negotiations between the government and Medical Mechanica. He has fake eyebrows made of nori which make him look manly and protect him from N.O. Amarao also seems to have had a past relationship with Haruko similar to that of Naota's.

Canti (カンチ - Kanchi): Canti is a robot that came out of Naota's head. While he doesn't seem to have much use, he is often used by Naota's family to do minuscule and mundane tasks. He has a television for a head and can perform other various tasks as well, though whenever weird things comes out of Naota's head, it's usually Canti, along with Haruko, who do the fighting.

Mayumi Shintani

Mayumi Shintani

Haruko Haruhara (Jap.)

Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren

Haruko Haruhara (Eng.)

Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Naota Nandaba (Eng.)

Jun Mizuki

Jun Mizuki

Naota Nandaba (Jap.)

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Fan Reviews (146)

  • foolio coolio whatever the name of this show is?

    this new show sucks it is messed up the first episode ending was messsed up. the ending goes like this. some boy goes running to a bridge and starts talking to some girl and then she falls to the ground and then next thing i know the boy looks like he is being attacked and he has a bandage on his forehead and under it is a horn and the bandage goes flying off his head and then out of the horn comes robots fighting what in the world is with messed up cartoons like this? what? i can't watch a cartoon like that with something messed up happening a few months ago it made it's debut on toonami. i don't like the current state of toonami. the toonami i remember had shows like hamtaro,foster's home for imaginary friends,zoids,zoids chaotic future,zoids fuzors,

    g-gundam,dragon ball z (not kai),and many others that is the toonami i remember not this messed toonami.moreless
  • Wacky, Weird, Brilliant, But Lacking

    What should I think of this show? Really? It's a very silly 6 episode long anime made on a 26 episode long budget. Consequently, the animation is amazing, even nowadays, despite being a show made about 10 years ago. The animation is smooth and wacky, and often changes in style along with the art itself constantly. This show is filled with comedy, some of which is rather suggestive, however everything is done so well that the show is fun to watch. Good music by the Pillows plays in the background, adding a sort of never ending rock background music. At the same time, the story is very, very, very simple, and there isn't a lot to think about. Though you're likely to be confused as to what's going on anyway, as this show is very fast paced and silly and explains very little. Basically you have this alien named Haruko Haruhara who comes down to Earth on a moped like vehicle weilding a guitar who's searching for some guy called the pirate king. To do this, she hits a kid named Naota in the head with her guitar and since then stuff constantly pops out of his head. And it all goes on from there. Still, when it comes to an end, while it was a fun ride, the show seems to be missing something. It's storyline was perhaps too simple. All in all though, a good show worth watching.moreless
  • It seriously does not ever get old

    at first i didn't really wanna watch it untill my friend started begging then i was like ok. I am very happy that i saw it. Then it appeared on Adult swim where i would watch it every Saturday night along with the other animes on that night. I'd call it anime night. Although fooly cooly only has 6 episodes, I never get tired of it. It can get scary to me at some scenes, i love the music, the band name is the pillows, I loooove Naota nandaba he is my favorite character out of the rest of the cast. The backgrounds and sceneries are great, the animations are sooo crazy, and I always said to myself "they're giving it their all in each episode because they only have 6" and they did a good job. I love how naota is a little 12 year old very mature reminds me of me when i was younger. Haruko is a little too crazy but she makes the show what it is, You cannot have FLCL without haruko, she is the most important. I really like Canti, although naotas family just order him around, if he could talk you would know that he is very very kind. I like how baseball is also tied into this because I grew up with baseball watching it and all. I mean, this anime can be very me so watching it over and over helped out alot, that wasn't the reason why i watched it over and over but because of all the thrill and action and quiet serious moments it can have it is very crazy. if fooly cooly ever makes more episodes...make 6 more lol then I'd like to get used to those, I am sure that I will never get tired of it. It makes my Saturday nights so much fun. crazzzyyy suuunnshiiiineee...hyybrid me singing to some of the songs from the anime. ...oh yea yea yea ride on shooting staaaarrrr.moreless
  • Greatest freakin anime show ever!!!!!!!!!

    The show was completely awesome! I cried when it ended. All I'm asking is for at least 1 more season. PLEASE! Also this is for all the ***s out there who think flcl is horrible I want you ***s to know flcl is possibly the best anime show ever and if you cant see that then you guys are some real idiots
  • ridiculously fantastic

    This show is absolutely ridiculous, but so unbelievably fantastic at the same time. It takes a few watches to actually understand what the heck is going on (but luckily it's so short it doesn't take long!). The soundtrack is also wonderful.

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