Fooly Cooly

Season 1 Episode 5

Brittle Bullet

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Aug 12, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • FLCL Episode #5 - "Brittle Bullet"/"Bura-Bure"

    "Brittle Bullet" is the fifth episode in the series "FLCL" and is probably the craziest episode in the series, as well as possibly the most purely entertaining. Like "Full Swing" before it, "Brittle Bullet" goes further into the series' overall plot, something that the first half of "FLCL" did not do. It even introduces a character that plays a major role in the series. "Brittle Bullet" centralizes around action films and guns (shooter films), with many references made to the shoot-em-up genre. In addition, it focuses on why Haruko is here and what she and the introduced character have to do with each other. Considered (along with the sixth episode, "FLCLimax") to be the best episode in an excellent series.

  • After getting kissed by Haruko, Kamon challenges his son to a duel for Haruko. Then, Naota's classmates come and talk about how he saved the city. He starts to act manly, and even gets pushed away by Mamimi. Then, another robot appears.Can Naota save the

    Wow. This episode is violent and amazing. I mean, the Matrix fight with Haruko and Amarao was great. I was really amazed and almost jumped out of my seat. And how Amarao lost his eyebrows was classic. One of the best episodes of the show. What really makes me sad is that Mamimi rejected Naota after he actually wanted to kiss her.

    She said that he likes Haruko, but he kept saying he didn't. Mamimi didn't want Naota anymore, because he's changed. That's very sad though.

    Also, Mamimi said that she doesn't care what happens to the planet, and yet she saved Mabase with Naota. Isn't that sweet?

    Overall, a very excellent episode that deserves a lot more credit than it deserves.