Fooly Cooly

Season 1 Episode 3

Marquis de Carabas

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Aug 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Marquis de Carabas
Naota's classmate, Eri Ninamori, is the perfect girl; she’s emotionally calm, a rational thinker, and is very rich to boot. However, all is not well as she has problems of her own. Her father, the mayor of Mabase, is involved in both a sex scandal and a lawsuit with the Medical Mechanica Corporation. In addition, she has to convince Naota to take the title role he was chosen for in their class production of "Puss in Boots". She soon learns about Naota's “secret”, his horns, which, this time, resemble cat ears. But, what levels will she stoop to get her way?moreless

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  • FLCL Episode #3 - "Marquis de Carabas"/"Maru-Raba"

    "Marquis de Carabas" is the third episode of "FLCL" and follows up with the same craziness exhibited in the first two episodes, though (along with the second episode, "Fire Starter") is one of the lesser crazy episodes of the series (or rather, the others are just that crazy). This episode focuses around Eri Ninamori (as "Fire Starter" did Mamimi) as well as a look on her relationship with Naota. Along with the first two episodes, "Marquis de Carabas" also gives sheds little light on the series' overall plot, although it is the last episode in the series to do so, as the fourth episode ("Full Swing") starts to really introduce just what the main plot is. One of the more entertaining episodes in the series, in my opinion.

  • i loved this epsiode

    this one is my fav i liked it becuse robots come out of somone elses head and i liked the part where noata unintenilly kissed ninamori she's hot espally when shes whering those small red shorts i think noata and ninamori would make a good couple they have so much in common and there the only couple that would make sence man that robot on ninamori was freaky!... then again so is everything else in this show anyway wat do u thinkmoreless
  • I liked it.

    It was a good episode, for a while. If you fade in and out, you will see boredom... But if you are focused in watching it, it's funny. The cats ears are strange, and the first time I saw this one, I was wondering if it was a fake, since FLCL never started off that way, it just went to the episode.
  • Maru-Raba was the best episode of the first 2/3 of the series. It was really exciting, and we got to see a robot come out of someone else's head.

    I, personally, really loved this episode of FLCL. It was a unique episode; cat ears come out of Naota instead of horns, and a giant robot bursts out of Ninamori's skull.

    Before I saw this I thought it would be another play episode, but Naota actually doesn't want to do this. It also has that huge Fooly Cooly sparkle to make it great. It turned out completely different then from what I expected.

    And it was pretty cool that Naota wasn't doing a lot of Furi Kuri in this episode; Ninamori does most of it. Although the cat ears were a good look on Naota; it was better than that ugly brown hat. I loved Maru-Raba.

Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Naota Nandaba (Eng.)

Jun Mizuki

Jun Mizuki

Naota Nandaba (Jap.)

Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren

Haruko Haruhara (Eng.)

Mayumi Shintani

Mayumi Shintani

Haruko Haruhara (Jap.)

Jun Mizuki

Jun Mizuki

Ta-kun (Jap.)

Guest Star

Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer

Train Announcer (Eng.)

Guest Star



Ta-kun (Eng.)

Guest Star

Dave Mallow

Dave Mallow

Amarao (Eng.)

Recurring Role

Izumi Kasagi

Izumi Kasagi

Mamimi Samejima (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Kamon Nandaba (Eng.)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is the first time we see someone other than Naota doing "Furi Kuri. Ninamori does it after Naota reveals that she cheated in the polls to get the lead role in the school play.

    • During the dinner conversation while Noata is complaining about the spicy food a skull pops up twice for a quick second and a halo appears over his head

    • During the dinner conversation, it's mentioned that Haruko ran over Ninamori with her Vespa. This is not accurate, however, because Haruko hit Naota, who was then sent flying into Ninamori.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Ninamori: (Ninamori watches Canti eat curry) Why is this robot eating? What is it?
      Kamon: That's just our television set.
      Ninamori: (Canti gets up) Why is it walking?
      Kamon: Uhh... because it's a TV Walkman, that's why.
      Ninamori: Sony brand? But it was eating curry!

    • (A secretary and Ninamori are sitting in a car at a red light)
      Secretary: You handled that well. The mayor was worried youd be upset, but you listened very calmly.
      Ninamori: I guess. Anyway, this is between the two of them.
      Secretary: Youre very mature. Its impressive. When I was your age, I didnt understand things like this.
      Ninamori: If they both wanna split up, then theres really nothing I can do about it.
      Secretary: Well, thats very level-headed of you. Dont worry, I wont do anything to ruin your fathers reputation. I promise.
      Ninamori: Its okay, Im not worried. You seem like a smart secretary. You slept over last night, but you put on a different suit this morning.
      Secretary: Well well. Thats very observant. (Shifts the car gear into drive and goes forward.) And, uh, you have extra clothes, too. Why is that?
      (Ninamori clutches the bag more tightly)
      Ninamori: Its a costume, for the school play. I got the lead role!
      (Plays music and shows title)

    • Ninamori: I'm not gonna let you go home.
      Naota: I don't want to be in the play, I told you.
      Ninamori: It's already been decided.
      Naota: Why are you so uptight about it?
      Ninamori: Everyone's going to see it.
      Naota: A few people are going to see it.
      Ninamori: I want them to see it.
      Naota 'Cause you're a show-off!
      Ninamori: My parents are going to see it together!
      Naota: School plays are for little kids.
      Ninamori: We are kids, including you!
      Naota: I'm not gonna play a cat; it's embarrassing!
      (Naota slaps Ninamori's hat off of her head)
      Ninamori: (angered) You think that's embarrassing?! (Ninamori snatches off Naota's hat, revealing his cat ears) With a hat like that?
      (kids start murmuring about Naota's ears)
      Naota: Yeah? Well, you're the one who cheated to get the lead role!

    • (Miya-Jun after seeing the book about Ninamori's father.)
      Miyaji Junko: Demerits, demerits! Grade 6, Class 1 is officially banned from bringing in any more reading matter of low taste, plus reading something secretly like this is impolite to Ninamori-san! Just think about Ninamori-san's feelings!

    • Naota: Oh look, glasses.
      Ninamori: They're fake.

    • Naota: (to Haruko) Hey house keeper wanna-be! Cleaning woman! Maid! Bottom feeder! (quietly) Evil alien.
      Haruko: What?
      Naota: (grumbling) Did you remember to clean up your mess in my room?
      Haruko: (picking her ear with her foot) What for? The whole room is stacked with papers anyway.

    • Haruko: (to Ninamori) Please don't tell people our bakery's motorbike ran you over.

    • Mamimi: (fondling Naota's ears) I like your head. You just never know what's going to come out of there next, like Lord Conti and these kitty ears. Ta-kun you're just as cute as Doraemon!
      Naota: He doesn't have ears!

    • Haruko: Looks like cat ears... kitty kitty, meow!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Original Japanese Title: Maru-Raba

    • Original Japanese Airdate: August 23, 2000

    • Music List (all by The Pillows):
      Opening Song: "Instant Music"
      Ninamori sees Kamon at Store: "Sad Sad Kiddie"
      Haruko Causes Car Wreck: "Runner's High"
      Curry Dinner: "Selfish"
      Ninamori Washing: "Carnival"
      Ninamori Sitting on Naota's Bed: "Stalker"
      Ninamori's Robot: "Advice"
      Robot Chases Canti: "Yorii Gallop"
      Canti Eats Naota: "Little Busters"
      End Song: "Ride On Shooting Star"

    • The pouched drinks that Naota and Ninamori were drinking are dietary supplement jelly drinks; which are basically like Jello, except they usually come with added supplements, such as extra fiber and so forth.

    • In this episode, it is revealed that Naota's father, Kamon, was a journalist; after his stories didn't pick up well, he decided to make his own magazine where he, more often than not, made up stories just to get them to sell.

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Mamimi: "Ta-kun, you're almost as cute as Doraemon."
      Doraemon is the title character of the eponymous manga (and later anime) series. Despite being a robotic cat (from the future), he doesn't have any ears (which Naota mentions).

    • When Conti leaps off of Miyaji's car and destroys it in the process, the car's debris floating in the air reveals a Kenny key chain figure. Kenny is from the comedy series South Park.

    • This episode makes a reference to the story "Puss 'n Boots", which is how the episode's name comes into play. Marquis de Carabas was a person in the play, and this entire episode is centered on Ninamori's obsession with getting Naota to play the cat in the play.

    • This episode makes a reference to Tom and Jerry, which is one of the most recognizable American cartoons worldwide.

    • This episode makes a reference to the U.S.S.R., in which the abbreviation is on Ninamori's red sweater during one of the scenes at the school.

    • This episode mentions "Crystal Pepsi", which is a drink that was popular in the United States, but never really caught on to the mainstream public. The Japanese version used "Cherio" instead, which also didn't catch on.

    • When Naota attempts to eat the curry, he starts to jump around because he believes it's too spicy. Two times during this scene, his face turns into the mask that was made famous by the movie Scream, though it is only visible for less than half a second.

    • Secretary: Bye-baikin
      This is a reference to a Japanese children's book about Anpan-Man, a superhero with a piece of anpan for a head. His archenemy was an anthropomorphic bacterium named Baikin-Man, who would often yell "Bye-baikin" as he fled the scene of his latest foiled sceme.

    • Mamimi: The King's ears are really donkey's ears!
      This is a reference to the lesser known story of King Midas, in which after judging a dispute between two gods, Apollo got mad that he chose Pan instead and cursed Midas to have the ears of a donkey. The only person to know this secret was King Midas' barber, who eventually said the secret into a hole, which then spawned reeds over the hole and whenever the wind blew through them, the secret would be revealed.

    • When Haruko told the thing that came out of Ninamori's head where the restroom was, her face turned into that of a fox. This is yet again a reference to Kitsune, of Japanese mythology, who were notorious pranksters.

    • Haruko: Little Prince Goes to New York!
      This is a reference to "Little Prince", a brand of curry popular in Japan, and also a reference to the 1988 movie "Coming to America", about an African prince who comes to America to find a bride, which is also known as "The Prince Goes to New York".