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  • foolio coolio whatever the name of this show is?

    this new show sucks it is messed up the first episode ending was messsed up. the ending goes like this. some boy goes running to a bridge and starts talking to some girl and then she falls to the ground and then next thing i know the boy looks like he is being attacked and he has a bandage on his forehead and under it is a horn and the bandage goes flying off his head and then out of the horn comes robots fighting what in the world is with messed up cartoons like this? what? i can't watch a cartoon like that with something messed up happening a few months ago it made it's debut on toonami. i don't like the current state of toonami. the toonami i remember had shows like hamtaro,foster's home for imaginary friends,zoids,zoids chaotic future,zoids fuzors,

    g-gundam,dragon ball z (not kai),and many others that is the toonami i remember not this messed toonami.
  • Wacky, Weird, Brilliant, But Lacking

    What should I think of this show? Really? It's a very silly 6 episode long anime made on a 26 episode long budget. Consequently, the animation is amazing, even nowadays, despite being a show made about 10 years ago. The animation is smooth and wacky, and often changes in style along with the art itself constantly. This show is filled with comedy, some of which is rather suggestive, however everything is done so well that the show is fun to watch. Good music by the Pillows plays in the background, adding a sort of never ending rock background music. At the same time, the story is very, very, very simple, and there isn't a lot to think about. Though you're likely to be confused as to what's going on anyway, as this show is very fast paced and silly and explains very little. Basically you have this alien named Haruko Haruhara who comes down to Earth on a moped like vehicle weilding a guitar who's searching for some guy called the pirate king. To do this, she hits a kid named Naota in the head with her guitar and since then stuff constantly pops out of his head. And it all goes on from there. Still, when it comes to an end, while it was a fun ride, the show seems to be missing something. It's storyline was perhaps too simple. All in all though, a good show worth watching.
  • It seriously does not ever get old

    at first i didn't really wanna watch it untill my friend started begging then i was like ok. I am very happy that i saw it. Then it appeared on Adult swim where i would watch it every Saturday night along with the other animes on that night. I'd call it anime night. Although fooly cooly only has 6 episodes, I never get tired of it. It can get scary to me at some scenes, i love the music, the band name is the pillows, I loooove Naota nandaba he is my favorite character out of the rest of the cast. The backgrounds and sceneries are great, the animations are sooo crazy, and I always said to myself "they're giving it their all in each episode because they only have 6" and they did a good job. I love how naota is a little 12 year old very mature reminds me of me when i was younger. Haruko is a little too crazy but she makes the show what it is, You cannot have FLCL without haruko, she is the most important. I really like Canti, although naotas family just order him around, if he could talk you would know that he is very very kind. I like how baseball is also tied into this because I grew up with baseball watching it and all. I mean, this anime can be very me so watching it over and over helped out alot, that wasn't the reason why i watched it over and over but because of all the thrill and action and quiet serious moments it can have it is very crazy. if fooly cooly ever makes more episodes...make 6 more lol then I'd like to get used to those, I am sure that I will never get tired of it. It makes my Saturday nights so much fun. crazzzyyy suuunnshiiiineee...hyybrid me singing to some of the songs from the anime. ...oh yea yea yea ride on shooting staaaarrrr.
  • Greatest freakin anime show ever!!!!!!!!!

    The show was completely awesome! I cried when it ended. All I'm asking is for at least 1 more season. PLEASE! Also this is for all the ***s out there who think flcl is horrible I want you ***s to know flcl is possibly the best anime show ever and if you cant see that then you guys are some real idiots
  • ridiculously fantastic

    This show is absolutely ridiculous, but so unbelievably fantastic at the same time. It takes a few watches to actually understand what the heck is going on (but luckily it's so short it doesn't take long!). The soundtrack is also wonderful.
  • fooly cooly

    I think that their should be another season because animisk needs to come back
  • Made me cry that is ended

    Warning:When you watch this show you will be very confused about the plot believe me I know. My suggestion is to watch it again and again, Because it took my about 5 times watching every episode to figured out the plot.
    P.S You will not get the plot if you just look it up on Wikipedia or a sight like that the plot is just too big.
    This is a very good show, and I hoped I didn't scare you out of the show. This is a very funny show that will make you waste your birthday wish on another season(no pony for you).
  • Perfect.

    Fooly Cooly (or FLCL or Furi Kuri) is an awsome 6-episode show from the Land of the Rising Sun thst first appeared in August of 2003. It disappeared for 2004, and has recently appeared again on Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim", for those not in the know. It airs at midnight Central Time (I'm not sure when on the East and West coasts). I can honestly not write a plot summary or this one. It's so confusing. You won't get it, but you WILL love it. How's that possible? Watch and find out. Try hard not to miss any episodes, there's only 6 of them. It wasn't cancelled after 6, that's when the story ends. With state-of-the-art animation and the best soundtrack you'll ever hear, this show's a must. It might be on next summer also, so research it. When you're researching, look up The Pillows. They're the J-Rock group that did the soundtrack. Buy the CD if you can. This show will change your perception of reality.
  • Nonsensical Awesomeness!

    This anime (alongside Azumanga Daioh) is one of the best anime I've ever seen!

    It doesn't have to make perfect sense! It's even better this way.

    The colours are amazing, the shapes, the drawing... Perfect! Especially the animated manga sequences! They blew me away!

    FLCL is a perfect example of how different the Japanese mind works. They expect different stuff from their anime. More texture, more comebacks, a little romance and HUGE mechas! My cup of tea! ^__^

    I have to admit that I've yet to read the manga and the short story on which they're based. I'm sure I'll adore those too as I did with the anime.

    An all-round amazing anime! ^__^
  • This episode is a little to mutch for me to handle.

    I love foolycooly and wish there was more, But this episode kinda gave me a weakstumich so i desided to not watch this one episode, But i do like the perverted stuff its funny but i gues a little to mutch can make me feel a little uncomfterble that i need to open a window just to get some air or drink something just to make my stumich feel better, The begining was pretty funny so i give this episode a 9/10 for the funny parts but takeing one point off for giveing me a weakstumich man i hate geting thoss dont you lol :).
  • The show, in a nutshell, doesn't tell you why you're watching, but it definitely keeps you watching.

    I first saw FLCL when [adult swim] began re-airing it from episode 1 on 9 November 2008. So far I've seen the first three episodes (the fourth airs this Sunday), and I still can't seem (even after reading the summary on to figure out what the show is about. I must admit, though, that it *is* incredibly intriguing and catching. Regardless of whether or not I understand the plot (if one exists), I can't help but be hopelessly tuned in to the dialogue of the characters. It's quite funny, but I think it's funny at parts that it's not intended to be and vice versa. I watched episode three with my two brothers and we laughed hysterically, but more at the stupidity of what was going on. Overall, I definitely recommend it. It's an addicting guilty pleasure, but it's only six episodes, so what's the harm?
  • I think that this show is the best anime show i've ever watched!!!!! Its amazing and it was a great idea and I loved watching it!! And now I watch every now and then on youtube!

    I love this show but the thing is I didn't know It was a 6 episode series!?!?!
    I wish they would bring the show back but....
    the problem is, is that there is not goal or plot to the show so there might be no point but it would still be nice to have it back!!!!
    This show is great and they make it look so easy to make a wacky random show like this!!!
    I wonder where the guy got the idea?

    I watched this show 2 years ago and I when I first watched this show I was like what the hell? and what the hell is this about? I was all confused and I didn't know what is was about and I only got to the 3rd episode and I was still confused!
    But now I watch it on youtube and I finally get it and what it was about!!
    Now I don't get lost on what the hell there talking about!! lol
  • I'm usually not a big anime fan, but this show caught my attention. Very complex, entertaining, and funny.

    I started watching FLCL because I saw episode 3 in the early morning on adult swim. I remember thinking to myself; what the hell? The show was weird and confusing, but eventually I got into it and watched the series on Youtube. The characters are very intricate, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the plot is hectic and erratic. (Erratic in a good way.) The final episode was incredible, the scene where Atomsk is released is amazing. I was fascinated with this show for awhile. Every time I'd see it I'd say; what the hell is going on? I don't think I understand Fooly Cooly completely, but I very much like this show. FLCL was very well done; eventually I'll probably watch it through a couple more times. Maybe then I'll get some of the subtle things I missed the first time.
  • I would like to see more of this show!!!!! Just one more episode!!!!!

    I love this show sooooo much! This 6 episode series was so EXCELLENT!!! Perfect basically. I wish they would make somemore episodes of this show! I would love it so damn much. It made me just think about it all day the first time I saw it....I was in awe! How can u not like this awesome show!!! Everyone I showed this show to loved it. I can't get enough of it. I love every single episode! All six episodes are just so perfect. I can watch all the episodes and not get tired of them....Such a great damn show! Love it!
  • Funniest Anime ever..

    This was a funny anime. I found it really funny how the father would be like this freak and be like a really insane person. The girlfriend really kind of freaked me out sometime...then again so did the girl with the guitar that always hits Naota. Naota seemed a little depressed to me though. FLCL was a really funny anime for a short anime. I really liked it really much. I highly recommend people to watch it. I loved the robot though, only because he was super OWNAGE throughout like the whole show. FLCL is a mos Awesome SHOW !!!1!!!!!!
  • one of the best short anime series TO-DAY!

    YES!!! this show is like one of those little short series that you could watch all day and never ever get tired of hearing or watching it. its a story of a young boy named naota that is your typical pre-pubescent boy, he thinks that life in his small town is boring and that adults are corrupt no matter who they are, he has a brother who has left for america to play baseball and a "girlfriend" (if you could call her that) who is a few years older than him though unlike other kids he has this "special" thing in his head that can summon things from outer space at random times (he even made a full grown robot come out of his head ) and a housekeeper called haruhara haruko who knows about this special power of his and is trying to summon a powerful being to steal it's powers by using him and trying to make him think that she's intimate with him to use it. it's only 6 episodes long and very very funny in fact many want to see a second season because it had a cliffhanger ending, so if you like Quirky japanese animes i would recommend FLCL in a heartbeat
  • Holy crap! MY favorite show ever! It was just amazing.

    FLCL was a show that I thought didn't seem that good at all but when I started watching the epsiodes then I started to fall in love with the episode. Many people don't understand how good the series is because they either don't give it a chance or they just hate anime OR they have never heard of it. I only know people from the internet that enjoy the show as much as I do. If the seires ever did come out on DVD then I would buy as soon as it went out. I could every episode over and over again.
  • So many mysteries, and so few solutions with this show. But who cares? Just laugh! *SPOILERS*

    FLCL is a crazy, high-octane anime that can be really confusing. Yet, I found myself addicted to it, and watching it over and over again, despite there being a mere six episodes.
    I'm not sure how to describe the show. There's a mix of comedy, action and a slight bit of drama--but mostly comedy. I was disappointed with the ending. The romance-addict in me wanted Naota to end up someone, but that just isn't that type of show. Also, Haruko leaves to find Atomsk, leaving the audience to wonder what will become of these characters.
    Another problem--the show is rather puzzling. There are many questions and the answers are only theories that viewers come up with. The main reason I've watched the show over again is to try to figure what exactly is going on, but I'm left frustrated and sometimes more mystified than before. In the end, I find it best to enjoy the comedy and not think too much about those unanswered questions.
  • this anime is one of a kind.

    (Before I start I just want to let you know that Fooly Cooly is the only anime that I have seen that has six episodes) Okay this is how Fooly Cooly starts out this 6th grader boy who lives in a boring place in japan and talks about how dull it is he says he has a brother in america who plays baseball then he is hanging around with his brothers girlfriend who is a highschool slacker anyway this other girl riding a yellow scooter holding a electric guitar who then hits the boy on the head with sed guitar which knocks him unconscious she thens does mouth to mouth on him and leaves later he goes home and falls asleep later he goes downstairs to eat he then sees the the girl who hit him and he finds out his dad was hit also and hired her as the maid the boy then goes beserk they show a crazy manga sequence he later discovers the maid is an alien the hit he got also made a bump in his forehead which later forms a robot as I said earlier this show has six episodes the least I have ever seen this show I guess is alright it some good music but you dont have to take my word for it.
  • FLCL: My favorite anime of all time

    FLCL/Fooly Cooly/Furi Kuri...whatever one wishes to call one of the greatest anime out there in my opinion. In all honesty, I can say that FLCL is my favorite anime out of all the anime I have seen. It is comprised of many different elements that (at least for me) really make a show interesting. In FLCL's case, it was so well executed that it wasn't just was masterful. The action scenes were well animated, the music fits perfectly the scenes that it is matched up with (which might have something to do with the scenes being choreographed after the music rather than the vice versa; successful method), the voice acting is flawless in both the English and Japanese versions (which is quite rare in my eyes), and the characters are all well broadcast. And I haven't even gotten into the comedy, which I find very entertaining. Another great thing about FLCL is that it wasn't drawn out or milked to death. Albeit, this makes sense as FLCL is truly an OVA rather than an actual anime series. All in all, I have nothing bad to say about FLCL. Some of the references (such as older guitar players) may not com across to certain viewers. But if they're understood, even that problem is taken care of.

    I should stop now before I go off the deep end and never return. 10/10
  • A show about a kid who grows robots out his head(his head is some portal thing, it's not 'really' growing) and basically he is in the middle of a bunch of strange situations and such, it's very confusing it's better to watch a few times.

    In my personal opinion this show is far too fast paced for my liking, but that's just me. I don't know what it is but I just don't fully understand what the plot of the story is. But if I were to say anything positive it would be that the show has some very funny parts, if you're paying attention you can catch some pretty dirty humor, it's quite hilarious. All in all I gave the show the rating I did just for the fact i couldn't hardly understand what was going on, on the other hand the animation was good, the comedy was good and the characters weren't too shabby either. I would suggest this show to someone who enjoys dubbed anime, it's far too fast paced for me too keep up sometimes and I would also suggest this to someone that likes to think on a third grade level on what they watch.
  • Fooly Cooly (FLCL) is an anime that displays many genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction. It follows the life of 12-year-old Naota Nandaba and how everything changed when a strange woman named Haruhara Haruto enters his life.

    I personally find this show amazing in many levels. I watched it a year ago and really didn't understand it. Now since I've rewatched it, there were many things I had missed before. It's really a show where you have to rewind it a few times to catch something that's being done and/or said. A main driving force of the show is the love triangle between Naota, Haruto, and Mamimi which I found most interesting. If you have the time, I recommened hunting for it online or dvd. There's only 6 episodes, however, and I personally wish they make more!
  • Go Wackiness!

    It's about this boy named Naota whose bro went to the USA and his girlfriend hangs out with Naota. Naota believes that everyday is boring and nothing happens there. Until one day a crazy alien woman runs into him and she needs his help. This show is very funny. And it is so random and I LOVE it!!! I remember that time when they made one of the characters from South Park. One of my favorite quotes is by Mamimi when she said "Now you're doing fooly cooly, drooly drooly and glooly glooly. Watch this show. It may seem peverted but it's there more funny in there!
  • A good anime sometimes confusing.

    It's about a boy named Naota who is some average boy who meets a girl named haruko and they crash into each other and then Naota grows a horn later on and it turned into a robot and it happens over and over again in the show. This show is funny sometimes though it needs help with the plot it doesn't really make sence it did at the beggining but then got confusing but sadly this anime had only 6 episodes it could have had more but it was only supposed to have 6 episodes I give it a 8.1 out of 10 for being funny but messed up with the plot a little.
  • Yay for randomness!!!

    Naota is a twelve year old boy that lives in Mabase and that complains about the fact that nothing interesting happens in his life until one day a crazy vespa driver by the name Haruko crushes on him and changes his life forever.The thing about Fooly Cooly (or FLCL)is that it almost doesn't have a plot.Most of the episodes contain random action scenes.The plot line is that Haruko needs to find an alien and to do so she needs Naota's experience because as she says his head is the only one that is ok.Will Haruko find that alien?And what will happen to Naota?
  • A story that has the most random events, physically (or inphysically) possible, followed by a boy that all these things happen to, who can't wuite understand his situation.

    FLCL is a wacky anime, that has so many random things going on, that you tend to lose track of them, and you usually do not understand the full story untill the second time you have watched it through. It starts off with a boy who thinks nothing ever happens to him and that he's in an incredibly boring town, but then things start popping out of his head (literally), he has to fight monster machines off with guitars, and has to deal with alien pirates. And yet in the end, the story is really about him dealing with female entities, that he does not quite understand. The whole 6 episode series is followed by sections of him thinking about his situation (I believe this is what makes it similar to eureka seven which also has a boy as it's narrator speaking of his situation from time to time) and wondering why nothing or everything happens to him. If you don't like the idea of an anime about a boy finding out about female relations it doesn't really matter, because when it comes down to it, you'll be caught up in the three hours of randomness enough not to care.
  • ONLY 6 Episodes?! Ah, who cares?! This show is super awesome!!!

    This was my very first anime that I fell in love with! The characters are super awesome and the storyline... well... kind of hard to follow, but I atleast understand it. I wish there were more episodes, but I guess it's good to end it, because after the sixth episode, I really don't think there going to do very well in continueing the show. I also love the music in the show, The pillows are my number one favorite international band so the music fits this show very well. But like I said before, I really wish they would have made much longer, I really want to see Naota's brother and get to know the rest of the characters a little bit more.
  • Fooly Cooly (FLCL) is an extreme and funny take on the pains of growing and maturing, with an added sense of randomness.

    Alright, lets just get one thing clear: FLCL is definately a bizarre show. The story-line is convulted and trippy but thats what makes it so unique. This show is a coming of age story and its wierd because its symbolic of the craziness of going through puberty and maturing. People who can only see the literal plot arent going to get the most out of the series. Finding and discovering the different metaphors are what make FLCL so much fun to watch and what set it apart from the rest of the pack. Even Naota's horns, an integral part of the story, are an obvious metaphor for an erection, something every kid (er... every BOY kid) experiences as they grow older. Haruko in paticular is an interesting way to personify Naota's confusion and it's obvious in her entrance (which I won't spoil) that all these problems seem to be hitting Naota out of the blue. Of course the actual plot becomes much more entertaining once you know it's true meaning. Each episode is climatic and surreal, ultimately ending in the series finale which wraps up the main plot points rather well. You shouldn't worry about feeling the cliff-hanger effect because when the content is this wild you kind of get used to feeling confused anyway.

    It goes without saying that the soundtrack in this show is absolutely amazing. Backed by the j-pop band The Pillows, the music fits the show well and adds a great deal of originlity to the overall mood. What's more, the voice work and animation are both done incredibly well, resulting in an amazingly detailed and strangely belevable setting.

    In the end FLCL just gets everything right, and it does so with style and flair. Over the top insanity and a deep motvating story really push the experience forward and give it a unique sense of empowerment. If you're an anime fan or you just like it crazy, then you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Chances are you won't regret it.
  • Naota's boring life is cahnged when Haruko hits him ont he head with a guitar. Now a robot has come out of his head and he must fight against Medical Mechanica's creations.

    This is one of my favorite anime, and the first one I ever saw. It's randomness and crazy storyline has always kept me hooked. Although there is only 6 episodes, that's all it needs to tell its unbelieveably confusing story. It references many other shows, making it even more confusing. At first galnce, it seems to be your average action anime, but it is much more than that. It's about a boy becoming a man. Although you may have to watch it several times to understand it, it's still a great show that has much more depth than a 6 episode show should have.
  • FLCL (romanized as Fooly Cooly).Nandaba Naota, a twelve-year-old boy living in the fictional and initially tranquil Japanese suburb of Mabase. He lives with his lecherous, perverted father Kamon and his grandfather Shigekuni at the family bakery and home.

    The series opens with Naota's daily routine, which involves going to school, dealing with the unwanted affections of his brother's troubled ex-girlfriend Samejima Mamimi, and going home. Naota seems to be very frustrated with his life, and in the opening episode is musing about how constrictive and boring Mabase is. This complaint is borne through to the final episode, despite many examples to the contrary. Early in the first episode (after the bland town of Mabase has been introduced by a monologue from Naota) events kick off when a strange and mischievous girl named Haruhara Haruko arrives suddenly in town and runs Naota over with her Vespa motor scooter and then, for no obvious reason, smacks him upside the head with her Rickenbacker bass guitar. Soon afterwards, Naota discovers that being hit with Haruko's bass left more than just a bump - it created a large horn that is actually an early manifestation of a robot. By hitting him in the head, Haruko activated Naota's latent N.O. portal, which allows him to pass physical objects from one astronomically distant point to another by way of his head. This is not immediately obvious, however. Mamimi, with Naota's baseball bat.Later that day Naota finds Haruko in his house, hired by his father as a live-in maid. It is gradually revealed that Haruko is in a confrontation with a company named Medical Mechanica (the name is debated to be Medical Meccanica as shown in one episode) (whose clothing iron-shaped factory building dominates the Mabase skyline) about recovering a powerful being named "Atomsk". In addition to being hounded by Haruko, who uses the portal she opened in his head for her own selfish purposes, Naota must also face (and occasionally grapple with) the other characters of FLCL. He is being watched by a man named Commander Amarao. As the series progresses, an ideological tug of war emerges between Amarao and Haruko for Naota, whose powers Haruko needs to regain Atomsk. Amarao (whose beliefs are suspect for accuracy) views Atomsk (incorrectly) as a humanoid Haruko is in love with, and believes Medical Mechanica to be bent on a goal of interplanetary conquest. Amarao and his assistant, Lt. Kitsurubami, are monitoring Haruko and Medical Mechanica for intergalactic legal reasons and are attempting to save the Earth as the conflict between Haruko and Medical Mechanica escalates.
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