Fooly Cooly

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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  • It seriously does not ever get old

    at first i didn't really wanna watch it untill my friend started begging then i was like ok. I am very happy that i saw it. Then it appeared on Adult swim where i would watch it every Saturday night along with the other animes on that night. I'd call it anime night. Although fooly cooly only has 6 episodes, I never get tired of it. It can get scary to me at some scenes, i love the music, the band name is the pillows, I loooove Naota nandaba he is my favorite character out of the rest of the cast. The backgrounds and sceneries are great, the animations are sooo crazy, and I always said to myself "they're giving it their all in each episode because they only have 6" and they did a good job. I love how naota is a little 12 year old very mature reminds me of me when i was younger. Haruko is a little too crazy but she makes the show what it is, You cannot have FLCL without haruko, she is the most important. I really like Canti, although naotas family just order him around, if he could talk you would know that he is very very kind. I like how baseball is also tied into this because I grew up with baseball watching it and all. I mean, this anime can be very me so watching it over and over helped out alot, that wasn't the reason why i watched it over and over but because of all the thrill and action and quiet serious moments it can have it is very crazy. if fooly cooly ever makes more episodes...make 6 more lol then I'd like to get used to those, I am sure that I will never get tired of it. It makes my Saturday nights so much fun. crazzzyyy suuunnshiiiineee...hyybrid me singing to some of the songs from the anime. ...oh yea yea yea ride on shooting staaaarrrr.
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