Fooly Cooly

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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  • Wacky, Weird, Brilliant, But Lacking

    What should I think of this show? Really? It's a very silly 6 episode long anime made on a 26 episode long budget. Consequently, the animation is amazing, even nowadays, despite being a show made about 10 years ago. The animation is smooth and wacky, and often changes in style along with the art itself constantly. This show is filled with comedy, some of which is rather suggestive, however everything is done so well that the show is fun to watch. Good music by the Pillows plays in the background, adding a sort of never ending rock background music. At the same time, the story is very, very, very simple, and there isn't a lot to think about. Though you're likely to be confused as to what's going on anyway, as this show is very fast paced and silly and explains very little. Basically you have this alien named Haruko Haruhara who comes down to Earth on a moped like vehicle weilding a guitar who's searching for some guy called the pirate king. To do this, she hits a kid named Naota in the head with her guitar and since then stuff constantly pops out of his head. And it all goes on from there. Still, when it comes to an end, while it was a fun ride, the show seems to be missing something. It's storyline was perhaps too simple. All in all though, a good show worth watching.
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