Football Night in America

Season 7 Episode 9

New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on NBC



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    • (on preparing to play against Peyton Manning, when Manning was with the Colts)
      Malcolm Jenkins: The biggest thing I remember is the just importance of the details. You know, things like how we aligned and what we were showing him. Knowing that he is reading us was the biggest thing so we studied our own body mannerisms. We had to do a lot of self-scouting to know what he would see and to know what we were showing as far as coverages and his looks. We had different plans for him at different points in the game. You know, we didn't want to keep it the same because we know if you do the same plan for the whole game, it may work early but eventually he will figure it out. You try to keep the ball out of his hands and do whatever we can to keep him off the field. And it worked for us.

    • John Elway: I just know that when we were going through the process, with my 16-years having played here for an owner that gave us opportunity year in and year out to win Super Bowls, as a player that's what you ask for, And so for me to be able to sell that to Peyton (Manning) and tell him what the Denver Broncos are all about, and it really starts at the top with (owner) Pat Bowlen. The number one thing he was looking for was the ability to be able to go someplace and win a World Championship. I think it started when he looked at the Denver Broncos and our owner Pat Bowlen, and what World Championships mean to him.
      John Elway: Well, I think that you are always compared to your contemporaries and I think when you look at what Tom Brady's done, he's been to five Super Bowls and his brother's been to two. I think that even though they are brothers, they're still competitors. I know that I looked at my contemporaries. I looked at the (Dan) Marinos and the (Jim) Kellys when I played. As a quarterback it's what they are doing, and I also think that Peyton is looking at his contemporaries now. He is going to be on the short list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time that are talked about. I think he would just like to solidify it and say 'I'm the best of all time.' He can do that by winning some Super Bowls also hopefully we can get that done.

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    • Alex Flanagan reports on the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys game from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

    • Bob Costas' interview segments feature New Orleans safety Malcolm Jenkins and Denver Executive Vice-President of Football Operations John Elway.

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