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Footballers' Wives
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They're beautiful, they're filthy rich and they can have anything money can buy... so why are they hardly ever happy? The makers of hit ITV1 show 'Bad Girls' invite you to join the wives of the Earls Park FC footballers as they discover the perils, both in the spotlight and out, of being married to their famous husbands.
Gillian Taylforth

Gillian Taylforth

Jackie Pascoe Webb

Zöe Lucker

Zöe Lucker

Tanya Turner

Gary Lucy

Gary Lucy

Kyle Pascoe (Seasons 1-3)

John Forgeham

John Forgeham

Frank Laslett (Seasons 1-3)

Susie Amy

Susie Amy

Chardonnay Lane Pascoe (Seasons 1-2)

Cristian Solimeno

Cristian Solimeno

Jason Turner (Seasons 1-2)

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  • I hate and resent this simple minded trash.

    Just how low brow can British TV get? Footballers' Wives may have just supplied the answer. Imagine your worst American soap opera, filled with worse acting, barely literate scripts, and the cheapest photography possible. This knuckledragging series is one step below professional wrestling.

    So what made me come and write a review of this dismal tripe, which also required me to sit down and suffer through almost an entire episode? Well, it's BBC America's constant, overbearing, ear splitting promos for this garbage at the expense of other programs I want to watch. It's bad enough to realize I'm being cheated out of fourteen minutes or more of Life on Mars every week. It's worse to realize that at least eight or nine of those minutes are being stolen from me to promote this scrap.

    Get this offal off the air!moreless
  • Guilty pleasure no1. Think Dynasty and Dallas with British flair and a whole lot of cussing and you've got footballers.

    Footballers wives is a gem.If you love drama, comedy ,things that are a bit over ther top and British shows this is the show for you. There is scheming of the most ludicrous kind by all the women on the show. The 3 staples Amber Shannon and Tanya are a hoot. From Baby swaping to faked kidnappings and accidental murders, footballers has it all. The beauty of footballers though is that unlike other shows like this it moves fast and doesn't hang around on one topic soapie style. Miss an episode and you may have missed Tanya moving on to a new husband. But its not just about the women either the men get their fair share of Drama especially personal favourite Bruno Milligan! Watch a few episodes in a row and you'll be putting the accents on all week.moreless
  • a group of wives that are married to world known football players, the wives are hot, sexy, outstandingly **** and the best cat fights you'll ever see on tv. from sex, to drugs back to sex. with marriages every seasons and well sorted storylines.moreless

    this is a great show from the UK. i fell in love with it straight away. the storylines are great, so uterly unture but fantastic at the same time. they drag you in wanting more and more. Tanya Tuner, the best B it ch ever on tv ever. and probably the most married person on tv. it gets better every season and the new sign ins get better and hotter. Tanya Turner (Zoe Lucker) the best person on the sohw and also a great actress. the husbands are hot, fit and young. they might be pricks but you'll fall in love with them...moreless
  • The English just got a whole lot sexier!

    And we've only come to know them for their bad teeth & tea at lunch time. I loved this show... I wished they stuck it around for a little bit longer.

    The show basically revolves around The Earls Park Football (that's soccer for us in the US) Team's wives... they can be deceiving & manipulating into getting everything they want. Scandal, Sex, Alcohol... that always calls for good tv, especially British TV. And get this... the actors/actresses in this show all have perfect teeth. YAY!

    A few good characters killed off due to suicide, jealousy, and mistaken identity... RIP: Chardonnay, Jason, & Conrad! I hope BBC has another great show up its sleeves... it's going to be pretty hard to measure up to the hype that Footballer's Wives brought.moreless
  • its alright shame its gone ..

    Footballers' Wives

    This program is brillient, it is so funny to see, when they plan something really good but it ends up going totally wrong me and my family find it highly hilarious .

    They do think of some excellent things to kill someone or swap babies with another footballers' wife (two main episodes to me).

    It does give us a little inside on what its like, the fame, the money, the guys.

    BUT the size of the nails on some of the wives are appauling and things they do to get money its rediculus.

    The only thing is I CANT belive its never coming back .

    Your sincerly Kandice ...moreless

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