Footballers' Wives

Season 4 Episode 1

Episode 4.1

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2005 on ITV



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      Let's face it. When it comes to men, I haven't always picked a winner [clip of wedding to frank]. But if you've made a mistake, it's best to make up for it. Clip of Frank's death. So that when Mr. Right comes along, there are no complications. Well, maybe one complication. Clip of Amber. Ok, ok, two complications. Clip of amber announcing her pregnancy! Still - life is full of surprises Clip of Tanya's pregnancy test. Sadly, what the good lord giveth, the good lord taketh away Clip of Frank's video. So where does all this leave little, old me? Do I get rid or do I sit back and pray Conrad is the father... since when do I leave anything to chance? Shakes pill bottle.

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