Footballers' Wives

Season 5 Episode 8

Episode 5.8

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on ITV

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  • what was this about....

    what was this episode about as it happens to be it was the last episode and lets just say they couldnt have done a badder job of it. I didnt like the last episode such a character like Tanya Turner could have done with an exciting end, instead they film a bit of coke and some poisen and end the episode. Not only that but half the actors in series 5 couldnt act and well it all got a bit silly what with the whole Liberty and Tremaine thing and Callums mum, this was the sort of episode that made me glad it aint coming back....
  • The end? Really?

    It was really sad that Roger died, I couldn't believe that Garry got away with another crime. The short time that he has been on the show, he has been an over-the-top villain, so when Jackie and Tanya learned that Garry killed Ryan I was finally happy that something might be done. This episode, sadly, went on for too long and not a lot of things happened in the first few minutes. Loved Tanya playing the tape to Garry!

    I wasn't surprised that Lucy had a question regarding the baby, I kinda had a feeling Lucy was involved with Tremaine - I am just surprised that it happened off-screen. This story would have been good if the show had continued. Callum was a complete ass, and I felt really sorry for Shannon. She's been a great character all along and it's sad how she keeps losing her men. Very sad about what happened to Liberty, but she caused it herself.

    I'm sad that this is the very last episode of the show. As the writers kept proving, this show could always go again and again with new stories and better intrigue - nothing ever stopped these writers from doing amazing.

    That's why I'm mad that the show ends this way - it's disastrous. This would have been great for a season finale, but not the series finale. So many bad things happening and nothing getting resolved. It sucks. I'm not sorry for having watched this show, but damn, it really sucks ending this way.
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