Footballers' Wives

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Getting a Result
      Getting a Result
      Episode 1
      Striker Ian Walmsley is thrilled when he gets offered a place on the Earls Park first team. Meanwhile his young wife Donna starts a search for the son she and Ian gave up for adoption nine years ago. Donna's wild-child sister, Marie, arrives from Bolton to stay and immediately scores with the player she's had a crush on for years - the Sparks' charismatic captain, Jason Turner.

      Famous glamour model Chardonnay Lane and Earls Park FC's resident heart-throb Kyle Pascoe are looking forward to their wedding, despite the interference of Kyle's doting mother Jackie.

      Jason and his wife Tanya worry about their future when Earls Park announce a new signing - Italian midfielder, Salvatore Biagi, who is a serious threat to Jason's first team place. At the start-of-season party, a violent row breaks out between the Turners and the club chairman, Frank Laslett, and the consequences could be terrible!moreless
    • Take Each Game As It Comes
      The Turners worry about their future when they are told that Frank, who remains in a coma, could recover. Ian doesn't want to know when Donna meets the child they gave up for adoption 10 years ago. Tanya catches Jason with Donna's sister, Marie, and learns that Marie was only showing an interest in Salvatore Biagi to make Jason jealous. Kyle's stag night is as lively as ever, at which Ian is photographed enjoying himself rather too much with two lap-dancers. Chardonnay's hen night goes up in smoke, literally.moreless
    • On the Ball
      On the Ball
      Episode 3
      The day of Kyle and Chardonnay's wedding arrives, complete with a glossy magazine deal, and despite the burns Chardonnay received. Her happiness is spoiled, however, as she learns that the men who caused her injuries will not be charged. The adoptive mother of Ian and Donna's son arrives distraught at the reception to tell them he is missing. Ian panics when the news about his secret son hits the headlines, but Stefan arranges for the club to assign a lawyer to start a custody battle on Ian and Donna's behalf. Tanya starts having nightmares about Frank, who still lies in a coma, and gets little support from Jason who is more interested in his affair with Marie. And Donna is horrified when the Walmsleys' private lives make the papers yet again - this time, it's Ian's exploits with a couple of lap-dancers at Kyle's stag night.moreless
    • A Funny Old Game
      A Funny Old Game
      Episode 4
      Tanya continues doing cocaine while having nightmares of Frank confronting her. She calls nurse Janette to her home for a bonding session, masquerading it only so that she could learn more about Frank's health. Tanya is shocked when she finds the nurse touching Frank while he's in a coma. Donna kicks Ian out of her home and tries to battle for Daniel on her own, but things don't go her way, so she starts reconsidering her decisions. Chardonnay surprises her friends by sporting a new hairdo. Tanya catches Jason and Marie together which leads Jason to kick Tanya out, but she blackmails Jason into staying at his home.moreless
    • All To Play For
      All To Play For
      Episode 5
      Ian is back at home and is with Sal Biagi, at the request of the Stefan - much to Donna's annoyance. Tanya promises not to tell anyone of Nurse Dunkley's exploits, on condition that Nurse Dunkley persuades Frank's ex-wife and son to switch off Frank's life support...just as they're about to pull the plug, they get a nasty surprise! Jason is stopped by the police after he tries to force Sal's car off the road. Stefan makes it clear to Jason that he's on his last warning but persuades Sal to cover for his captain. Chardonnay sells the story of her ordeal to a newspaper in the hope of shaming her attackers, but the article does not turn out as she expected. Kyle spends an evening out flirting, as he is furious to see their private life all over the tabloids.moreless
    • Winning The Double
      Jason demands to be put on the transfer list when Stefan decides to put him on the bench in favor of Sal. He finds comfort in the arms of Jackie. Chardonnay arranges a romantic break for herself and Kyle to aid their relationship. Sheena hangs around the training ground, hoping to meet Kyle again. Marie attempts to seduce Sal but is convinced that he's gay when he rejects her advances. Frank is slowly recovering, but has short-term memory loss and can't remember the night of the attack. Nurse Dunkley 'reminds' Frank of the affair that Tanya invented, and Tanya is forced to keep lying.moreless
    • All Credit To The Lads
      When Chardonnay faints at the gym, blood tests reveal that she is pregnant. After announcing their news to the press, Kyle is horrified to discover that he is not about to become proud dad, but in fact, a brother as the test results are Jackie's. Jackie suggests to Kyle and Chardonay that they bring up the child as their own. Ian is made vice-captain but humiliates himself in his first match by getting sent off. Donna finds herself having a passionate encounter with Sal when she becomes irritated by Ian's obsession with his career. Kyle tells Sheena where his loyalties lie. Jason hooks up with a new top agent, Hazel Bailey. Frank, persuaded by Tanya, has Jason reinstated in the team. Tanya has sex with Frank and he starts to have flashbacks about Nurse Dunkley.moreless
    • They Think It's All Over
      Chardonnay and Jackie persuade Kyle that the best thing for everyone would be for the young couple to adopt Jackie's baby. Kyle, however, has other things on his mind as Sheena won't take no for an answer. Annoyed at Tanya for flirting with Frank, Jason finds himself back in bed with Marie and promises to leave Tanya to be with her. Sal tells Donna he loves her. Holly is kidnapped when Marie is late picking her up from school - Sal uses his transfer fee to pay the ransom but Donna's distraught when Holly never appears at the arranged meeting point! Jason's new agent, Hazel, cooks up a plan to get Tanya out of her 'affair' with Frank, whilst protecting Jason's position with the team. She arranges for Jason to 'catch' Tanya and Frank together, but Jason loses his temper… which for Frank, brings back chilling memories of the night of his 'accident.'moreless
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