Footballers' Wives

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • I hate and resent this simple minded trash.

    Just how low brow can British TV get? Footballers' Wives may have just supplied the answer. Imagine your worst American soap opera, filled with worse acting, barely literate scripts, and the cheapest photography possible. This knuckledragging series is one step below professional wrestling.

    So what made me come and write a review of this dismal tripe, which also required me to sit down and suffer through almost an entire episode? Well, it's BBC America's constant, overbearing, ear splitting promos for this garbage at the expense of other programs I want to watch. It's bad enough to realize I'm being cheated out of fourteen minutes or more of Life on Mars every week. It's worse to realize that at least eight or nine of those minutes are being stolen from me to promote this scrap.

    Get this offal off the air!