Footballers' Wives

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • The English just got a whole lot sexier!

    And we've only come to know them for their bad teeth & tea at lunch time. I loved this show... I wished they stuck it around for a little bit longer.

    The show basically revolves around The Earls Park Football (that's soccer for us in the US) Team's wives... they can be deceiving & manipulating into getting everything they want. Scandal, Sex, Alcohol... that always calls for good tv, especially British TV. And get this... the actors/actresses in this show all have perfect teeth. YAY!
    A few good characters killed off due to suicide, jealousy, and mistaken identity... RIP: Chardonnay, Jason, & Conrad! I hope BBC has another great show up its sleeves... it's going to be pretty hard to measure up to the hype that Footballer's Wives brought.