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  • Footballers Wives is fantastic but somebody needs to take a serious grip of this show . . .

    Footballers Wives is known for its drastic story lines which are amazing but somebody needs to take control on this.

    Exits - the most ridiculous exit I have ever heard of is when Chardonnay died do they really expect people to believe that she suddenly developed leathal anorexia , Tanya Turner so far is the only charachter to have a decent exit or an actually exit unless you count the deceased Frank Laslett , in the middle of seasons charachters seem to drop like flys for example at the end of season two we still had Salvatoray , Ian , Ians daughter , The Scottish coach and probibly others I just havent noticed but by the time the third season had began these charachters had just dissapeared ian was the only one briefly mentioned the other just fell off the face of the earth.

    Tanya Turner being the exception the only way you get out of that programme is in a coffin or in Tanyas case a helicopter both of her on screen husbands had been killed off Jason was hanging off the edge of a building when Chardonay (they blamed her because she left the show and wouldnt be in series three so they had a chance to start a fresh episode) bashed jasons hands with a glass bottle causing him to fall to his death , husband number two Earls Park director Frank Laslette suffered a heart attack at the heart of the biggest bitch in tv history , Tanya was having sex with him to get his heart going and when he needed his pills she wouldnt give them to him and pop Frankie Boy was gone but atleast he had a funeral Jason didnt , at the end of season two Jason fell to his demise and at the begining of season three we are at Chardonays funeral , stuff like this only ever happens in Footballers Wives!

    Bad production by Shed ? , It was reported that Tanya Turner would make a brief return at the end of season four and that Hazel and Noah would get final scenes (I guess in season five theyll just dissapear and never be heard of again) the fourth season finale was supposed to be ninty minutes long instead it was only sixty cutting off the final thirty minutes of the episode and of the season it is reported that the extra footage will be on the dvd when released , how ever ITV denied that there was even supposed to be an extra thirty minutes but Zoe Lucker who plays Tanya Turner claimed on a tv show that she had filmed scene for that very episode which were not shown , Footballers Wives has some strings that need tieing up and quickly and a spin off series called Extra Time sint the way to do that!
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