Footballers' Wives - Season 2

ITV (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Fall From Grace
    Fall From Grace
    Episode 8
    Tanya helps Janetta hide in the nursing facility, but Frank locates her eventually. Frederica tries to make Sal jealous by going on a date with Jason, and Sal ends up humiliating Jason. Kyle and Chardonnay try to make peace with Jason, but he refuses to cooperate, horrifying Jackie with his loathing for baby Paddy. Tanya is busy planning the ceremony to renew her wedding vows, but unplanned rows ruin the occasion. Jackie packs her bags and leaves, with baby Paddy. A secret from Freddie's past, involving Archie, is revealed. The aftermath of the wedding leaves Jason in deadly danger.moreless
  • Bitter Medicine
    Bitter Medicine
    Episode 7
    Kyle finally loses his temper and teaches Jason a lesson he won't forget. Darius tells Tanya how he feels, but doesn't get the reaction he'd have expected. Jason thrills Tanya by telling her that he wants them to renew their wedding vows. However he later gets cozy with Frederica who is trying to make Sal jealous. The Turners hold a press conference to raise awareness of baby Paddy's condition, but run into a bit of trouble. Janette's collaboration with Frank (using a hidden microphone) goes drastically wrong when Tanya says too much during their meal.moreless
  • Facing the Truth
    Facing the Truth
    Episode 6
    Jason and Jackie learn that since surgery isn't an option for Paddy, they have wait to see how the situation unfolds. Jason nearly catches Tanya with Darius again, but then confides his terrible secret to her. Hazel tells the Pascoe's that they need to be seen with baby Paddy in order to stop the suspicions of the press and later, at Sal's house, she has to put up with a drunken Freddie pestering her and Sal for a threesome. Jason and Tanya decide to give their marriage another try. Archie, Stefan's right hand man, pesters Freddie for a date again. Tanya bribes the matron and then hires a double to do all her community service, but receives a nasty surprise in the form of Nurse Janette Dunkley, the only person who knows the truth about what happened with Frank.moreless
  • A Change of Career?
    Depressed and lonely after discovering that Donna has gone back to Ian, Sal falls into the arms of Fredrica, Stefan's daughter. Tanya worms her way back into the marital home, but even so, Jason treats her badly. Tanya's due in court for drugs offenses and she's faced with community service. Jason manages to talk his way out of trouble with the Pascoe's and even persuades Kyle to let Jackie keep the baby for the time being. Tanya has another encounter with Darius. Jackie and Jason try to decide what to do about baby Paddy, but have more important things on their mind when he develops a fever.moreless
  • ...And In With the New
    Ian tells Frank where to stick his contract and leaves Earl's Park FC for good. Jason and Jackie are determined to get back baby Paddy but differ in their planned tactics. Tanya is determined to 'win' her argument with Jason and decides to sleep with Darius, the team's new 17-year-old recruit. Sal and Donna are surprised at how well Ian is taking his break-up. Tanya says on live TV that Jason is an impotent alcoholic. While Donna has second thoughts about her new life with Sal, Jason snatches baby Paddy from the Pascoes.moreless
  • Go For the Overkill
    Jackie begins to search for a new home. Tanya's cocaine habit is exposed to the public when she is arrested for possessing drugs. Jason is shocked to learn that Tanya is on the pill and that she never wanted to have his baby. Tanya is shocked when she realizes Jason changed the locks. Ian is devastated to learn that Donna has been having an affair with Sal, so leaves to stay in a hotel where he has a drink and drugs cocktail, but a reporter saves him in the nick of time. The Pascoe's christen their baby son and are surprised at the gift they receive from the Turners. Jason wants to battle for his baby. Stefan wants Ian back in the team.moreless
  • The Ties That Bind
    The Ties That Bind
    Episode 2
    Ian and Donna are overjoyed to have Holly home...but not so delighted when Stefan tells them that Ian is to be put on the transfer list! Jason has a chat with Jackie about the baby, that he now knows is his. Kyle is questioned by the well as Chardonnay and the press... about the body in the pool - did he have an affair? - After some good work by Hazel though, he was given a full apology when it emerges that he didn't. Chardonnay catches Jackie breastfeeding the baby. After a night drinking with Hazel, Tanya wakes up in bed next to her!moreless
  • Just Can't Give Up
    Just Can't Give Up
    Episode 1
    Donna and Ian are in turmoil over the disappearance of their daughter. Donna continues cheating on Ian with Sal. Ian gets a tip about his daughter's whereabouts. Tanya finds herself in court after suing Frank for rape, and Frank is forced to settle to protect his career. Chardonnay and Kyle enjoy family life with the new baby, and they ask Jason and Tanya to be the baby's godparents. However, Jason soon comes to a realization that the baby is his.moreless