Footballers' Wives - Season 4

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • Episode 4.9
    Episode 4.9
    Episode 9
    Amber demonstrates that she will sink to any level to gain a bigger stake in Earls Park, thereby keeping Conrad and Phoenix in England, but as ever, Hazel calls her bluff. At the Milligans' shooting party, Hazel shows off her new squeeze - an international tennis pro. Noah gives in to his sexual urges and visits a sauna after he's had enough of Bethany. Lucy makes her escape from Bruno into the arms of solid, dependable Giles. But she is heading for imminent as trigger-happy Bruno comes after her - armed, and Giles turns out to be someone different than he represented himself as. Harley visits an old flame as Shannon faces a health difficulty.moreless
  • Episode 4.8
    Episode 4.8
    Episode 8
    Roger and Jackie's marriage hits crisis point and Seb is determined to twist the knife in further. Bruno is becoming suspicious of Lucy. Noah breaks the news of his engagement to Conrad - there's no turning back now. Amber's record is getting lots of airplay, but her pop career looks doomed when Conrad is told he's being sold to Madrid. A distraught Jackie spots Roger entering a brothel and seeks comfort in the arms of her stepson.moreless
  • Episode 4.7
    Episode 4.7
    Episode 7
    Seb plots to break up Jackie and Roger by displaying Roger's violent side, and then making it seem like Roger is having an affair. Lucy plays a dangerous game by agreeing to meet her internet friend, Giles Arrowsmith, but is pleased when the man's story checks out. Hazel is on a warpath when Roger refuses to let Seb play again, and the team loses yet another football match. Amber tries to beat Hazel at her own game at a board meeting, without much success. Harley wants Mrs Birkeham out of his house, and when Shannon finally agrees to it, unexpected things happen.moreless
  • Episode 4.6
    Episode 4.6
    Episode 6
    Bruno Milligan is furious when his club Nabakov's Cocoon gets bad publicity in the tabloids; Roger tries to keep an eye on steroid-abusing son Seb and has to make excuses to Hazel; Harley clashes with Shannon whose desire for celebrity is ruining their lives – especially when she adopts a granny to look good on the docusoap; Conrad goes to great lengths to win back Amber; Seb makes a move on stepmum Jackie after downing loads of vodka; and Amber is interviewed by Dr Neil Fox about her pop single 'Bhangra Bootie'.moreless
  • Episode 4.5
    Episode 4.5
    Episode 5
    Amber has triumphed by sending Tanya packing – but she's got no interest in a reconciliation with Conrad because she's determined to become a singing star, with help from Peter Andre and a track called 'Bhangra Bootie'. Harley isn't happy now that his life with Shannon is the subject of a fly-on-the-wall documentary; gay Noah is struggling with girlfriend Bethany's insatiable desire; Darius is wrecking his life with booze; and Roger's son Seb gets a place in the Earl's Park team.moreless
  • Episode 4.4
    Episode 4.4
    Episode 4
    Katie takes a harpoon gun to Darius' as he wakes up to find himself at her mercy. Noah is pleased as punch - he's done it with a girl and she's gagging for more. At the opening night of Bruno's new club, Tanya steals the show with her new engagement ring, but when Conrad hears the result of the DNA test, the engagement is called off - and Tanya has to suffer the repercussions of her lies. Roger does the deal on a new player - his son Seb. Hazel is far from amused when she learns that Amber has Tanya's shares, meaning she is now on the board.moreless
  • Episode 4.3
    Episode 4.3
    Episode 3
    Tanya asks Amber to be godmother of 'her' baby, but is unaware that Amber is out for revenge because she's discovered that Pundarik was covered in fake tan when he died. Shannon checks out Harley's story and visits Katie to get the truth about what happened in Spain. On the day of Troy's christening Amber takes to the podium to drop her bombshell... but who'll believe her? Noah is dating the beautiful Bethany - but is his heart really in this new relationship?moreless
  • Episode 4.2
    Episode 4.2
    Episode 2
    It's a sad day for Conrad and Amber as they bury their dead baby, and Tanya sheds a secret tear for the loss of her true son. Tanya and Conrad find a nanny for Troy, who is actually Katie in a disguise. Harley discovers her ulterior motives before she attacks Conrad, who she believes was the man that raped her. Roger and Jackie marry. Noah enjoying being in the church group which promises to cure him of his homosexuality. Shannon offers to host Hazel's birthday party - but her attempts at cooking are a disaster until Antony Worrall Thompson saves the day. Conrad goes out for revenge when Lucy disobeys him.moreless
  • Episode 4.1
    Episode 4.1
    Episode 1
    Roger takes the players to Spain for a 'bonding session', but one of the players shocking behavior with a girl called Katie causes legal and PR disasters for the entire team. Meanwhile, the wives are having a 'bonding session' of their own. Both Amber and Tanya give birth to their babies, but Tanya hires Janette to do her devious work... thing still get seriously out of control. Harley and Shannon try to reconcile while Noah takes drastic action to 'cure' his homosexuality.moreless