Footballers' Wives - Season 5

ITV (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 5.8
    Episode 5.8
    Episode 8
    Tanya comes up with a plan to get her hands on some quick money after her ex-husband's cash is frozen, but when Garry takes her for a ride she resolves to exact her revenge. Jackie grieves after Roger's death, unaware that she has a tape of Garry killing him in her hands. Shannon has to deal with Callum cheating on her, while Liberty is involved in a racism scandal with tragic consequences. Lucy ponders the possibility that her baby is not Bruno's. Jackie decides to leave the football world for good. Garry wants to kill Tanya.moreless
  • Episode 5.7
    Episode 5.7
    Episode 7
    Tanya Turner couldn't be happier. She's won the battle for Paolo. To celebrate, she hosts a Brazilian fiesta. Meanwhile, Jackie confronts Garry about Bruno's promotion but he spikes her drink and tries to rape her. When Callum makes a pass at Tanya, she laughs it off but Paolo's jealous streak soars out of control and he thrashes the house. Roger takes a trip to the Earls Park and comes across Garry. The two fight about what happened to Jackie and Rodger threatens to take his suspicions that Darius was nobbled to the press. Garry takes drastic action and guides Roger to an out of order lift. An unaware Roger steps in and plummets to the ground!moreless
  • Episode 5.6
    Episode 5.6
    Episode 6
    Eva has splashed dreadful photos of Tanya all over her magazine, but Tanya has uncovered a dark secret about Eva and Paulo - the man she wants - and plans blackmail. Callum and Shannon organize a charity auction and Lucy is thrilled that the outfits she created fetched such a high price, but the bidder was Bruno, and he is desperate to win her back. With Urszula gone, Liberty has thrown herself into her marriage - but Tremaine is inexplicably avoiding her.moreless
  • Episode 5.5
    Episode 5.5
    Episode 5
    It is the battle of the bitches as Tanya Turner clashes with ruthless magazine editor Eva de Wolffe because Tanya has her eye on Eva's partner, the mysterious Paulo Bardosa - a new sign to Sparks. Tremaine and Liberty enjoy their wedding day, as Tremaine learns the truth about Urszula and Liberty finds out Urszula isn't like she thought she was. Callum is hit with news of Trisha's cancer.moreless
  • Episode 5.4
    Episode 5.4
    Episode 4
    When Bruno finds out that Amber is trying to poison him he kicks her out but she wants revenge. She dresses up as goddess, Kali and goes to Shannon and Callum's house warming party, with a gun! All hell breaks loose! Meanwhile, recently widowed Tanya Turner returns after Amber is sectioned.moreless
  • Episode 5.3
    Episode 5.3
    Episode 3
    Liberty and Urzulas hit front-page news, and Tre and Libs go onto Richard and Judy to help their relationship. Callum's mother Trisha is unwilling to forgive Shannon. Callum is angry at his mother for ruining his chances with Shannon. Bruno loses his grip on reality and even gets fired as skipper. Roger and Jackie attend one of Garry's parties where Jackie gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile sparks fly between Tre and Lucy. Lucy helps Bruno regain his mind with a revelation about Amber.moreless
  • Episode 5.2
    Episode 5.2
    Episode 2
    While Amber wages psychological torture on Bruno, Shannon finds a new man. It's a frustrating time for Liberty and Urszula as they struggle to find time away from Tremaine. Finally, Darius learns some disturbing news about his future.
  • Episode 5.1
    Episode 5.1
    Episode 1
    Amber learns that Bruno may have been responsible for Conrad's death. Lucy learns that Bruno has only been divorced from his first wife and leaves him at their "wedding". Darius is injured after crossing Garry. Meanwhile Tremaine joins the club after being released from jail, but is surprised to find that his girlfriend Liberty's personal assistant is living with him.moreless