For Better or for Worse (2000)

TELETOON (ended 2002)


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For Better or for Worse (2000)

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Lynn Johnston hosts this animated adaptation of her acclaimed comic strip. The series presents the Patterson's adventures in three different periods of the growing years of the 1980's, the middle years of the early 1990's and contemporary times as we see the family go through the good times and bad while their love for each other goes on. CHARACTERS: Elly Patterson - The central figure of the Patterson family. She is a devoted mother, daughter and wife. John Patterson - John Patterson is Elly's devoted and steadfast counterpart. He is a dentist, a role he has always put second to his family. He has learned that saying too much will get you into trouble but listening never has. The advice John doles out is measured and sound. He dotes on his baby girl, April, and provides "father-knows-best" guidance for his adult children. Michael Patterson - Throughout the show we watch Michael grow up from a young boy to a young man. Elizabeth Patterson - Throughout the show we see Elizabeth work hard at being an aggravation for her older brother, Michael. In the Later Years we see she has grown into a beautiful, responsible young woman. April Patterson - April came as a surprise to the Patterson Family. Since then she has been a welcomed input to the Patterson family. Even as a toddler, April knows all the buttons to push and not push accordingly.moreless