For Better or For Worse (2003)

TLC (ended 2005)


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For Better or For Worse (2003)

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This is an innovative show on TLC where couples from Southern California, planning to get married, give up all control of their wedding details and let a team of family members organize the event with a budget of $5000, one week to plan it, and a wedding planner the couple never meets until the wedding is over. The fun is watching the team clash with the planner on the theme, the budget, and the timeline, and still pull off a wedding that's halfway decent.
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  • So awful.

    Another show capitalizing with the poplarity of really bad shows such as the bachelor. this show is so awful. it's not a very interesting show to watch, it's a complete waste of time. who would watch this kind of show, who would watch it. it's so awful, it's obvious that the network executives are running out of ideas. they thought that they can make a show out of this really silly idea. what do they get? a pile of garbage. this show is totally garbage. the tv network schedules are clogged with this kind of trash, and the networks should start unclogging their schedules and fill it up with good shows.moreless
  • First of all, I'd like to point out that the name of this show is For Better or For Worse (like the marriage vows-- DUH), NOT For Worse or For Better. I keep submitting a correction, but the editors won't change it.moreless

    I like watching this show mainly for the tips couples can pick up when trying to save money in budgeting for a wedding. Granted, some of the ideas are completely off the wall, and a few of the planners act like they've never done this thing before, so some of their projects look awful, but it's nice to see how much family members are willing to help the bride and groom have a nice ceremony. Unfortunately, I don't think they understand the whole limited budget concept. I would change a few rules: first, the number of guests invited should be a set amount, like no more than 100 people. If you want 500 family members at your wedding, send the other 400 a video of the service and plan a big reception for after the honeymoon. I also think that the job of invitations should be the one task assigned to the bride and groom, and it should be completed ahead of time; the producers must let them know when the show is going to be filmed, so why can't they send out invitations in advance? Giving people only a few days notice before a wedding is ridiculous, especially if they have to factor in traveling. Lastly, I would insist that the planners act like this wedding was just like any other they are planning and LISTEN to their clients. Too many times I've watched the family try to tell these idiots what the couple likes, only to have the planner say something to the effect of "Forget it, we're doing it my way." Well, I hate to break it to you, but it's not BURGER KING, it's THEIR WEDDING. You're supposed to do what they want, not you. If someone pulled this on me, they be fired in a second.

    Another thing I'd change is the location. Why does every wedding have to be in California, showing off the exorbitant prices? Why can't they go around the country, like the other series on TLC? I read the bulletin boards, and that's exactly what fans of the show want, especially people who ask if they can apply to be on the show. People at TLC, you need to learn to listen, too.moreless