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      Rachel and her eight potential cash cows, er, I mean soul mates, were now free to date and scheme without Andrea getting in the way. The remaining guys bonded at the mansion, while still trying to determine what each other's checks were worth. Josh and Mike told each other what they were "worth" – strategy be damned! Jordan gathered the guys downstairs. Alone time with Rachel was the key to getting ahead in the game, Jordan explained. However, he continued, only one of the eight would get an alone date before the next elimination. How much would it be worth? The guys had to bid on the date with money from their check. The bidding started at $25,000, which quickly eliminated the $1 guys (Morgan and David S.). Chris ($250,000) kicked off the bidding and kept it going. He seemed a sure winner when bidding reached $75,000, until Mike threw his hat in for $100,000. Mike's check was also worth $250,000, so he and Chris had a lot to lose. Then Alex ($500,000) jumped in for $125,000. At the last minute, Mike aced him, bidding $150,000 – more than half of his check's value. But Alex wouldn't let it go. Ultimately, Mike and Alex worked it all the way up to $200,000 before Josh ($500,000) upped the ante to $225,000. Mike bid his entire check, $250,000 – but Josh knew Mike's value, and out bid for the win. For $275,000, Josh won the fabulous alone date. And what might that be you ask? Well, Josh would first present Rachel with a 30 carat diamond necklace valued at half a million dollars. A limo would then whisk them away to LA's historic Biltmore Hotel, where they would have the Gold Ballroom all to themselves. Very romantic! Meanwhile, the rest of the guys would suffer on group dates. Mike, Alex and Chris met with Rachel for the first date. Chris and Alex seemed more concerned with nabbing money, than true love. The guys arrived at a private beach under gloomy skies. After a light-hearted volleyball match, the foursome took a break. Alex grabbed Rachel's hand and pulled her aside, which made Rachel a bit uncomfortable. After all, she knows that the guys have money on their minds. Alex definitely poured on the compliments. Rachel seemed fooled by his charms, saying that she needed to keep men around who would want to pick her over the money. Back at the firepit, Chris and Mike had grilled up lunch. Mike and Rachel snuck off to the top of the lifeguard tower to chat. Rachel said in an interview she was definitely attracted to Mike. Mike kept grilling her on her motivations. They both seemed equally attracted to each other and suspicious of each other. If that's not the perfect formula for true love, I don't know what is. We didn't get to see any time between Rachel and Chris, which couldn't have been a good sign. Back at the mansion, things heated up – both in the hot tub and out of it. Mike was still rehashing the bidding war and knew that Josh had sabotaged him because they had told each other their check values. Josh, however, swore on his mother's life (!) that he didn't remember the amount of Mike's check. As someone who has spent a lot of time reminding significant others to pay bills, run errands and/or send their mother a birthday card – I believe him. Mike, however, wasn't buying it. Who cares whether Josh sabotaged Mike? It's a game! My concern was that the hot tub was poorly lit and I couldn't really see the guys without their shirts. That night, it was time for the $275,000 date with Josh. He got gussied up, admitting that at this point he was in it for the money. There was definitely a physical attraction between them during the limo ride into downtown Los Angeles. A string quartet and the opulent Gold Ballroom greeted Josh and Rachel as they sat down to dinner. First Josh presented Rachel with the necklace, placing it around her neck. Rachel was excited about the jewels, but more excited about Josh being so interested in her. Little did she know, it was all part of Josh's master plan. The perfect evening turned perfectly ugly during the limo ride home. What began as some innocent smooching, soon crossed the line as Josh's hand slid further and further down Rachel's backside! Later, Josh said he misread the situation and backed way off. This prompted Rachel to soothe ruffled weathers because after all, he might have a big fat check. The other guys were dying to know how Josh's pricey date went. Josh wasted no time in telling them he and Rachel "kissed a little bit." Mike said the news "stung a little bit" because he wanted that date and that kiss. Surprisingly, the other guys were upset by the "kiss card" as well. The next day, Rachel arrived at the house to meet privately with Jordan. He told her she could learn the value of one man's check before the elimination ceremony. She took her time deciding which guy to choose. Finally, she chose Mike because she was really attracted to him and wanted to know his motivation. She learned his value was $250,000. Before the elimination, Rachel said in an interview that she wanted to pick guys she had chemistry with, but also guys who could potentially choose her over money. Later, under a starlit sky, She called Morgan down first and said his skepticism scared her, but that she wanted him to stay. Rudy was next and Rachel told him she really was hoping to see more of his sense of humor. Then she asked for the ring back! David S. beamed as Rachel gushed over him and asked him to stay. She told Chris he had a "great energy" about him and asked him to stay. She still had to eliminate two men. Rachel told Alex he was assertive and that she liked that. However, he seemed like more of a buddy or friend versus "the one." He was out! After Rachel told Mike she wanted him to stay, he said he would love to explore everything with her and thanked her. It was kind of cute! It was down to Caleb and Josh and one of them would be leaving. Rachel sensed that Caleb was either nervous or shy, but she wanted him to open up more – so she asked him to stay. Josh was out?! All of the other guys were stunned. Jaws dropped. Mr. $275,000 Date was OUT! Rachel told him that things just moved too fast too soon in that fateful limo ride. Later Josh said that the biggest disappointment was the way he misread the situation on their date. Would any of the final five choose Rachel over money? Would she find a true love connection in the bunch? Rachel thinks she has great options for both love AND money.moreless
    • Season 4 Premiere: They're Back!
      This is the first episode of the 4th Season. Well, neither Andrea nor Rachel got love or money in their last attempts but that didn't stop them from trying again! Both women thought they had been plucked from the 16 women on For Love or Money to return as the sole bachelorette. Meanwhile, 15 hunky men were whisked to the FLOM mansion only to discover they would be competing on For Love or Money. The men had no idea that two women would be involved. They also had no idea that Andrea and Rachel knew each other - and the game's twists - all too well. The guys were excited by the prospect of winning a million dollars - some more than the chance to find true love. Some of the guys were very familiar with last summer's version of the game and wasted no time in educating the others. Morgan said the game was on from the moment he learned there was a shot at winning money. Mike, on the other hand, didn't think you could put a price tag on love. Jordan then surprised them with this season's twist - not all of their check values would be a million dollars. This time, however, after the guys randomly chose their blank check they were able to go into the Portrait Room and find out the check's value. Do you think this is because men are perceived to be more motivated by money than women? I mean, why didn't the women get this option? Did producers think the money wouldn't matter to the women? Perhaps I should show them my shoe collection. Anyway. Alex, whose check was for $500,000, said it was a "no brainer" at this point in time. He was going for the money. It seemed many of the other guys felt the same way, especially those worth a million. Steven, however, had a different take on things. He placed his check on his portrait and turned his back so that he wouldn't see the value of it revealed! He said he didn't want anything to do with it. Um, good thing Steven, because the check was only worth one dollar! After learning their "values", the guys debated telling each other what they were worth. "I'll tell you if you tell me" was a popular comment. Steven, who I can only imagine had a rough time in junior high, admitted to the others that he didn't even look at the value of his check. Brian flat out called him a liar, while the other guys sort of shrugged it off. The next day, the guys considered their options while the women arrived at the house. Rachel pulled up first, still giddy with the idea that she was the only bachelorette playing the game this time around. She said she got a little depressed stepping out onto the same veranda where Preston had asked her for her ring back. Only the knowledge that control was in her hands made her feel better. Little did she know that Andrea was walking through the front door. Andrea was also excited to have 15 men all to herself - and to know ahead of time how the game was played. When Andrea stepped out onto the veranda to find Rachel waiting for her.both women's jaws dropped! Andrea laughed and said "surprise, surprise." Rachel mustered a grumpy, "Hi." They definitely weren't pleased to see each other. The mood didn't get much better when Andrea laughingly said, "I'm guessing he didn't choose you." Ouch! Rachel didn't find it funny at all. The surprises continued when Jordan reappeared to tell them that at the next night's elimination ceremony the guys would pick one of them to go home. Plus, the guy's stepped out one-by-one expecting to meet one woman.and instead met two. Half of the group thought one woman was the "bachelorette" and the other was her best friend there to provide moral support. All their suave plans for small talk and banter flew out the window. Some ignored Rachel, others ignored Andrea. Meanwhile, Andrea and Rachel had to pretend they had never met before.and that they had no idea they were there to "play" For Love or Money. The amount of secrets being kept was mind-boggling! For the most part, Andrea was more outspoken than Rachel and globbed onto the guys first. Rachel must've had a headache from all the eye rolling she did during those meet and greets. The next day, Rachel and Andrea prepared separate lunches for the guys. Andrea, an event planner, had this task easily conquered. She whipped up penne alla vodka served with a Greek salad and wine. Rachel seemed to struggle a bit more with her chicken dish. It had something to do with cream cheese and Feta cheese, but it wasn't too impressive on the plate. Plus, no alcohol! By the middle of lunch, the few guys that started at Rachel's table had migrated over to Andrea's. I admit I actually felt bad for Rachel at this point. In an interview she shook her sad little head and said, "I'm not an event planner." Andrea said she couldn't have asked for a better day. Later, the guys gabbed about that night's elimination. They still had no idea that THEY would be doing the eliminating. Because the guys thought the girls didn't know they were on For Love or Money, there was even a "fake" host at the elimination ceremony. Back out on the veranda, Rachel and Andrea looked great in their black evening gowns. They stood on opposite sides of the group of guys. The "fake" host let the guys know that the ball was in their court to eliminate one of the women. One at a time they would line up behind the woman they wanted to continue the game with. The woman with the most men behind her would stay, while the other would be a two-time loser. Uh, I mean the other would be sent home. The first guy, David K, was a jerk. He went over to Rachel and said all this nice stuff to her and then turned on his heel and went to stand behind Andrea. Initially it seemed like everyone was going to pick Andrea, but finally Mike went over to Rachel's side. Steven said the bottom line for him was that Rachel made a crappy meal! In the end here's how it stacked up. Behind Andrea: David K, Chad, Jai, Ben, Brian, Wes and Steven. Behind Rachel: Mike, Morgan, Rudy, Chris, Josh, Caleb and Alex. It literally came down to the last guy's decision. David S. was totally nervous and he said it sucked being in that position. Would he pick flirtatious Andrea, or strategic Rachel? See, here's my theory. Andrea is the girl you want to date. Rachel is the girl you want to date if you have a check worth a million dollars. Is that mean? Some of the guys actually said it, so it's not just me. In the end, David S. (worth only $1) chose Rachel. So go figure. But then the "fake" host announced a new wrinkle. Not only would Andrea be eliminated, but so would the 7 guys that picked her! Bummer! Needless to say, Rachel was elated – as were the guys who had chosen her. Andrea said in an interview that "in the real world Rachel couldn't even hold a candle" to her. Rachel knew the challenge she faced…convincing one of those 8 remaining men to choose her love over his money. The lies continue…next week!moreless
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